Paslode Nail Gun Not Firing (Causes and Solutions)

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One of the primary reasons for carrying out DIY projects is to cut costs. Fortunately, with an effective nail gun, you can save both time and money while perfecting the outcome of your DIY project. Unlike the traditional method of using hammers, a nail gun allows you to drive multiple nails at a time using one hand. A Paslode nail gun guarantees even more convenience owing to its high magazine capacity that requires less reloading. It features a probing tip that increases the accuracy and speed of driving nails, improving your project’s quality in the long run. Unfortunately, even such robust equipment can break down at some point, forcing you to pause your project. Prolonged usage and heavy-duty DIY projects can subject the equipment to wear and tear, and in such cases, you may experience drawbacks such as your Paslode nail gun not firing.

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Paslode Nail Gun Not Firing

Just like any other equipment, your Paslode nail gun can break down at some point. A nail jam is one of the most probable reasons behind your Paslode nail gun not firing. It usually occurs when a nail gets stuck or encounters an obstacle in the nail gun, which can end up harming both you and your power tool. Other possible causes for your Paslode nail gun not firing include using incompatible nails and poor maintenance practices. Also, if you’re a frequent DIYer, you are likely to experience more setbacks originating from either a faulty motor, fan, or battery.

Let’s dive into more details on common Paslode nail gun problems and how to fix a nail gun that won’t fire to help get your power tool up and running again.

Paslode Nail Gun Problems & Causes


Misfiring can either be intermittent firing or failure of the nail gun to fire completely. It’s the most common nail gun problem that occurs amidst heavy-duty projects or prolonged use. Misfiring can be due to:

  • Nail jams – Jamming occurs whenever you improperly load the nails or use nails whose degree differs from your nailer’s. You might accidentally interchange nails and end up using those whose length doesn’t suit the nailer’s magazine. The result is a stuck nail and a misfiring nail gun.
  • Inadequate fasteners – An empty magazine or a magazine with a few fasteners can result in the nail gun not firing unless you reload. Some nail guns resist firing when fasteners are low to prevent dry firing. This can damage the tool or compromise the project’s quality.
  • Dirt – Failure to clear the dirt in your equipment can compromise your nail gun’s functionality due to blockages resulting from an accumulation of dust particles.
  • Empty gas fuel cell – Paslode gas fuel cells can drive a maximum of about 1,200 nails. Therefore, if you use your nail gun to carry out heavy-duty projects, you most likely have exceeded the maximum cycles.

Damaged Battery Contacts 

This setback is mostly caused by accumulated dirt around the battery contacts, preventing them from functioning correctly. Constant removal of the battery and using incompatible batteries can end up damaging them. More importantly, avoid exposing the battery to liquids that can corrode the contacts.

Noisy nail gun

Prolonged use of your nail gun can result in friction within the equipment, which in turn causes noise. Additionally, the noise can result from accumulated debris that prevents the fan or motor from operating effectively.

Besides, you risk having a noisy nail gun when you fail to lubricate and clean your power tool frequently. The o-rings are bound to degrade over time, and without regular lubrication, they tend to malfunction, producing a hissing sound.

Defective O-ringsAn image showing Paslode - Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 906300, one of the best paslode nail guns

These mostly result from improper installation while replacing the O-rings. For instance, lubricating the O-rings using brake grease will result in swelling due to clogging of the nail gun. Consider greasing with silicone-based lubricant to prolong the durability of the O-rings.

An image showing Paslode – Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 906300, one of the best cordless paslode nail guns you can find in the market.


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Solutions: How Do You Fix A Nail Gun That Won’t Fire

A Paslode nail gun features a fairly simple design, and once you identify where the problem lies, you can fix it in no time. However, confirm whether the battery has a full charge before proceeding, especially if your nail gun has served you for a considerable period. If the battery is sufficient, but the device won’t fire regardless, consider taking the following measures:

Clean the tool

If you’re a frequent DIYer, dust and debris are likely to accumulate on your nail gun whenever you fail to clean it. Therefore, consider wiping off the dust and debris while focusing on the magazine and air filter for best results. You can clean the filter by gently tapping it to eliminate dust particles at least once in two days.

Check the nails

Every nail gun uses a unique nail type that fits its magazine. Be sure to check whether the nails you’re using correspond to the ones recommended by the manufacturer for efficiency.

Clear jams

Nail jams are most likely the reason why your nail gun won’t fire. Before unjamming the device, it is advisable to wear protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and earmuffs. Once you do so, follow the steps below to unjam your nail gun:

  • Disconnect the nail gun’s power supply. This step entails the removal of both the battery and gas from the nail gun.
  • Remove any remnant nails from the magazine. Failure to do so will lead to accidental firing, which can end up harming you.
  • Disassemble the device. You can do so by opening the tool’s barrel using a release lever. However, the procedure may vary depending on your specific nail gun. Therefore, consider disassembling by following the manufacturer’s instructions for efficiency.
  • Open up the magazine by either flipping or unscrewing, depending on your tool’s design.
  • Identify and remove the jammed nail(s) while ensuring that you check for any damage, as this would require a professional’s attention.
  • You can then finish up by re-assembling the tool and reloading the magazine correctly using suitable nails. If a nail jam was the issue, the tool should work as expected upon firing.

How Do You Check Spark on Paslode?

The absence of a spark means your Paslode nail gun won’t fire. The spark plug is the tool’s component responsible for igniting a spark, and you can only access it by disassembling the tool’s rear section.

You can then identify the air filter, usually at the back of the nailer and unscrew it using an Allen key. You should then see the wiring that leads to the spark plug. Try triggering the nail gun to fire and check whether the fan turns on and the spark plug ignites. If the fan operates, but there’s no spark, it’s time to get yourself a new spark plug.

How Do You Disassemble a Paslode Framing Gun?

It’s advisable to disassemble your Paslode nail gun only when you want to clean it or perform other maintenance practices. Otherwise, you should seek professional assistance, or else you may end up voiding the warranty or altering your nail gun’s functionality. Below is a breakdown of the process:

  1. Disconnect it from the power source, then detach the battery and the gas from the device to avoid accidental firing. Fortunately, with a Paslode gun, you can do so at the touch of a button because it features a release switch at the base.
  2. Subsequently, remove the nails from the nail clip.
  3. Unscrew the tool. For this step, identify and remove the screws on the safety and the nose using an Allen key. Additionally, loosen the screws on the head cap and the cylinder head to avoid bending the fan blades in the process.
  4. You can then open up the nail gun and proceed with cleanup or degreasing.

Also, take note of the parts you remove amidst the process to avoid struggling during reassembly or misplacing some parts. It is advisable to organize the parts as you disassemble the device and re-assemble them in the same order for convenience.

Makita Nail Gun Not Firing

Makita is a reputable brand whose nailer are popular for their sturdy design and outstanding performance. A Makita nail gun features a driver, which, unfortunately, is prone to wear and tear following prolonged use. As the name implies, the driver is responsible for driving in nails with the help of a piston.

The result of a broken or worn-out driver is usually a nail jam, which prevents the gun from firing. The ultimate solution is to replace the driver, which is, fortunately, a DIY process that involves the steps below:

  1. Remove the cap by unfastening the screws that secure it to the tool.
  2. Follow up by lifting off the driver, preferably using pliers.
  3. Detach the O-ring from your worn-out driver and install it in the new one.
  4. Insert the new driver into the cylinder while ensuring it’s in line with the nosepiece’s aperture.
  5. Once you sufficiently install the driver and piston, reinstate the gasket followed by the cap and screw it back into place, after which your nail gun should resume firing.

FAQS: Paslode Nail Gun Not Firing

Q1. Why does my nail gun not shoot nails?

This is a common setback that most DIYers experience and is mainly due to a nail jam. Other possible reasons behind your nail gun not shooting nails include:

  • A buildup of dirt and debris
  • Use of incompatible nails
  • An empty gas fuel cell
  • An empty or old battery with corroded contacts

You can counter the issue by cleaning up dirt, charging the battery, or unjamming the device and if all else fails, consider contacting a professional.

Q2. Why is my Paslode gun flashing green?

Paslode guns feature battery indicator lights that flash green to indicate that the battery has a full charge. However, if the indicator flashes both red and green lights for about twenty minutes, this signifies an empty battery. If the flashing goes on for more than twenty minutes, then it’s time to replace the battery.


A Paslode nail gun comes with all the necessary aspects that make a DIYer’s project execution a breeze. Therefore, owning a Paslode nail gun is a flex for any DIYer. However, a Paslode nail gun is likely to break down after serving you for a considerable amount of time. If you’re a frequent DIYer, encountering equipment breakdowns is inevitable, hence the need to equip yourself with knowledge on how to fix such problems by yourself. Therefore, consider taking the measures mentioned above to troubleshoot a Paslode nail gun that won’t fire and, in turn, save some coins while enhancing your understanding of your tool’s functionality.

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