Panasonic Cordless Phone Troubleshooting

Like other phone systems, Panasonic cordless phones will not always provide exceptional and constant services. Over time, like other electrical devices, the phone systems may break down, and you may freak out when you have no idea how to go around the problems.

Cordless phones are effective in moving around from home to office. You can have a phone system with a single or multiple handset. Some problems can result from your device having numerous handsets linked to the base unit, while some can result from poor connections, electrical interference, or insufficient battery power.

However, you must know the Panasonic cordless phone problems and their solutions.  Read on to learn the Panasonic cordless phone troubleshooting.

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Panasonic Cordless Phone Troubleshooting 

  1. Connectivity Issues

Cordless phone systems have a range within which they best operate. Sometimes, you may lose or start getting rough-sounding calls. This could indicate that you are not within the phone’s range or coverage. As a result, you should move closer to the base and determine whether the connectivity problem has been resolved.

If you have acquired your Panasonic cordless phone for commercial use or have a bigger home or property, you can buy a range booster to promote the distance through which you can receive calls.

If you have tried all these options and still cannot receive any signal, the problem could be with the telephone line. Take a phone that is functioning and connect it to your telephone jack. If the phone works, you can look elsewhere for the problem, including damage to your phone base, cords, and cables. Assess and correct or replace all these options when the problem source is identified.

  1. Power Problems

When your Panasonic cordless phone is not turning on, the first culprit would be depleted or dead batteries. Also, check for the power cord and ensure it is correctly plugged in. Once you have checked that the phone is correctly plugged in or is charged, try restarting the phone. Unplug it from the power source or remove the batteries for 10 to 20 seconds and then plug it or install the batteries back in.

In the case of batteries, if your phone cannot turn on, then the batteries are potentially dead. Replace them.

In addition, apart from determining whether the AC cord on the base has been correctly plugged into the power outlet, do the same with the telephone cord; ensure it is appropriately inserted into a phone jack.

If you have just purchased a new handset, you must first charge the batteries for approximately seven hours. If you have purchased a Panasonic cordless phone with multiple handsets, the system should charge each handset on a different charging cradle. However, for the signals, the larger base station transmits the signal to the other units. The handsets should also be installed in the proper direction as instructed in the battery cover.


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  1. Phone not ringing

If your Panasonic cordless phone is not ringing, the ringer might be muted or turned off. Check and determine the status of your ringer. Ensure it is turned on and unmuted. Also, the problem could be low volume. Check and increase the volume level if it is turned down too low. A cordless handset must be within the range of its base station.

  1. Phone not Receiving Calls

When your Panasonic cordless phone is not receiving calls, ensure that the phone is not silent. Go to the menu and check the call forwarding settings to ensure the calls are not forwarded to another number. Since you are using a cordless handset, ensure it is within the range of the base station.

  1. Panasonic Phone Screen Blank

A blank screen may occur due to dead batteries. First, check if the batteries are not dead or replace them when they are dead. Once you have confirmed the batteries are in good shape and the screen is still blank. Try resetting the phone. The screen may be defective if the reset and battery trick has not worked.

A video showing how to troubleshoot Panasonic cordless speakerphone problem

How to Add a Handset to a Panasonic Phone

There is no doubt that Panasonic phones come already programmed to work with the base station. However, this does not mean errors may not arise and erase the connection, making the phone inoperable with the base. Besides, you may have or acquire an additional handset to the phone that you want to add to the system. As a result, you must know how to add a handset to a Panasonic Phone.

Step 1: Prepare the Handset

Ensure the Handset you intend to add is fully charged and ready for registration.

Step 2: Locate Menu

On your Handset, press the “menu “button followed by #>1>3>0 on the phone number keypad.

Step 3: Locate and Press the Locator button

Find the locator button at the base of your phone. Hold the button until you hear a tone. This could take a few seconds, 3-5 seconds, before you can hear the tone.

Step 4: Press the “OK” button

Once you hear a tone after pressing the locator button, press the “OK” key on your Handset. Wait until a confirmation tone is produced.

Step 5: Finish the connection

Press the “OF” button to finish the handset addition. By this, your Panasonic handset is now connected to the base and ready for use.

Alternative, you can use the below approach:

Step 1: Charge the Handset

Ensure your Handset is fully charged before you add it to the base unit.

Step2: Locate the Locator button

On the base unit of your Panasonic phone system, determine the Locator button, always labeled as “Locator” or “Find Handset.”  For most phone systems, the button is always on the front or side of the base unit.

Press and hold the button until you hear a tone to begin the registration process. This will take a few seconds.

Step 3: Activate handset registration mode.

Locate the menu or settings button on the Handset you want to add. Press the button and access the options in the menu or settings. Identify a sub-menu related to handset registration or system setup. Within the submenu, you will find an option to register or add a handset. Choose the option to put the Handset in registration mode.

Step 4: Complete Registration

Once the registration mode is activated, the base unit and the Handset communicate and connect. The activation implies that the base unit searches the Handset and establishes a connection. You may see a display on the Handset’s screen showing it is searching or registering.

Step 5: Confirm successful registration

Once your Panasonic phone has been successfully registered, you will see a confirmation message on both the Handset and the base unit. The display on the Handset will show that it is connected to the base unit, while the base unit may show the Handset’s extension name or number.

Step 6: Test the added Handset

You can test the added Handset by calling using the newly registered Handset. This will confirm whether the phone can receive or makes calls effectively.

How to Connect an External Ringer to a Telephone

The ringers are crucial to bridge the connection between your telephone and the telephone jack. Some of these ringers come in multiple volume settings, from relatively loud to mind-melting loud. Besides, the external telephone ringers are compatible with normal and cordless landline phones. Hence, they have vast versatility.

Nevertheless, if you have not interacted or want to establish the connection for the first time, you must know how to connect an external ringer to a telephone.

Step 1: Connect Telephone Line

The first step is to connect the telephone line from your wall outlet to the “line” or “In” jack on the external ringer.

Step 2: Connect a Separate Telephone

Connect a different telephone line from the “phone” or “out” jack on the external ringer to the “in” jack on your phone’s base.

Step 3: Install batteries In the External Ringer

Depending on the type of external ringer you have, you may be needed to install batteries. There are external ringers that use a standard Ac power adapter, while there are others that use batteries. For the battery-operated external ringers, install the batteries. However, if your external ringer uses an adapter, connect it to the adapter and then connect the plug to your wall power outlet.

Step 4: Mount the Ringer

Even though your ringer will work whether you have mounted it, mounting it could be an effective approach to prevent or limit its chances of getting damaged by a family member or a colleague in the office stepping on it or tripping over it. At the time of purchase, the ringer is included with a mounting plate and the hardware required when mounting.

Step 5: Volume/Tone Adjustment

The last step is to increase the tone and volume. The external ringers are integrated with numerous tome options and adjustable volume. Also, check if your ringer has a “Test” button and press it to identify the most appropriate volume level. This is the standard volume that will be appropriate for your ringer needs.

Why is my Panasonic home phone not working?

Do not freak out if your Panasonic phone fails to work at home. The potential issues could be as simple as correcting a power supply source or verifying a phone line connection. Most of these solutions or correction methods are things you can handle by yourself without consulting an expert. However, you must know exactly what to look for when your phone fails. Consider the potential problems and solutions below when your Panasonic home phone is not working.

  1. Power Supply Issues

If your Panasonic cordless home phone is not working, the main culprit could be a lack of power. First, check if the phone’s batteries are correctly installed and have a charge. However, if you use an electrical power source directly, check if your device is correctly connected to the working power outlet. Any electrical device that does not receive a power supply will not work, and your Panasonic home phone is no exception. Thus, check your power source when your phone does not work.

  1. Problem with Phone Line Connection

Your Panasonic home phone may fail to work when the connection between the wall jack and the phone is not secured. Sometimes, the problem could arise from the wall jack. If you have another working wall jack, try plugging the phone into the other jack and see if it works. Also, the problem could be with the phone. If you have another working phone, try and plug it into your wall jack and see if it works. This will help determine whether your wall jack or the phone needs servicing. In a case where the second phone works when you plug it into your jack, the problem is with your phone.

  1. No Dial Tone

Sometimes if your Panasonic home phone is not working, you need to check for its dial tone. You can check the dial tone by lifting your Handset and try listening to the tone. If you fail to hear any sound, the problem could be with your phone service provider or the phone line. You must contact the service providers for assistance.

Also, you can check if the other handsets are getting a dial tone. If you have determined no handset is in use, unplug the base unit from the power source for, say, 20 seconds and reconnect it. You can then test the line by calling your line after the reconnection or call a different phone line to see whether it works.

  1. Another Handset in Use

Your Panasonic home phone may fail if another handset is used or engaged. Particularly, if you have multiple handsets and “line in use” is displayed on the screen, the implication is that one of the other handsets is currently engaged in a telephone call. You must confirm that no other individual is on the line.

   5. An issue with Signal Splitter Box

The problem of your phone not working may be caused by a signal splitter box. If you use a signal splitter box (A/DSL filter), try and connect the telephone directly to the wall socket and check if the issue will continue. If the phone works fine without the splitter, the implication is a faulty splitter box. You should contact your telephone service provider for the replacement in such an instance.


A malfunction in your Panasonic cordless phone can be irritating, especially when you are expecting an important business or family call.  More significantly, it can be a greater challenge when you have no idea how to go around the potential glitches in your Panasonic home phone. Sometimes, you may be forced to spend extra searching for expert services when it is an issue you could handle alone.

In this guide, you have provided some potential problems you can experience with your Panasonic cordless phone with some troubleshooting tips to help you address some of these problems. However, always consult your user manual to learn the different parts of your Panasonic home phone and how you can add a handset to the base unit.

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