How to Set up Cordless Panasonic Phones

The Panasonic brand has earned a massive popularity through its aesthetic design and superior aspects that grace its users with utmost convenience. You can expand your Panasonic cordless phone by pairing more handsets depending on your specific model. Other exemplary aspects include eco-mode, caller ID, nuisance call blocker, and the intercom feature that allows intercommunication between handsets of the same base unit.

All these appealing features could make you want to see your new phone up and running ASAP to relish its convenience. However, if you have lost your manual or find it a challenge to set it up,  this article entails a step-by-step guide on How to set up cordless Panasonic Phones.

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How to Set Up Cordless Panasonic Phones

The first step to setting up your Panasonic cordless phone is to connect it to a power source. This step involves plugging the base unit and installing the batteries into the handset. Once the handset is on, press the MENU button, select the settings/setup icon, and then navigate to the ‘Register’ option. After clicking ‘ Register ‘, you should see a prompt to enter the default PIN (0000). Enter the PIN for the handset to start registering, then long-press the button on the side of the base unit until it beeps. After that, you can select the handset’s number. This should do you the trick. 

Here goes a breakdown of the entire process


The components that come with the Panasonic cordless phone include;

  1. Base unit
  2. Handsets
  • Batteries (in case they are not pre-installed)
  1. Power Adapters
  2. Phone cords

Step 1: Plug the base unit into the power source

The cordless aspect of your Panasonic phone saves you the hassle of running wires to set up the unit.

The first step to setting up the cordless Panasonic phone is ensuring the handsets are fully charged. Connect the batteries to the power source or use a charging cradle using the provided adapters. The charging can take up to an hour or more, depending on the charging instructions provided by the manufacturers.

Step 2: Install the handset’s batteries.

Panasonic cordless phones come with compatible batteries, which is a plus. Otherwise, for a Panasonic DECT 6.0, feel free to use batteries from other DECT cordless phone models.

Once fully charged, gently slide off the battery cover and install the batteries. You should hear a beep sound to signal that the batteries are in place, after which you can reinstate the cover.

Step 3: Factory reset for second-hand phones (Second-hand Phone)

You may skip this step if your Panasonic cordless phone is brand new. For previously owned phones:

  • Press the handset’s MENU button, navigate to System Settings, and click OK.
  • Press the pound (#) button, followed by the code 136, and dial.
  • You should see the prompt ‘Are you sure?’
  • Select YES, then click OK to factory reset the system

Doing so will eliminate all the previously saved information before programming the device with your details.

Step 4: Set up the Base Unit

Determine an appropriate location or space for the base unit, especially near a power outlet and a phone jack. Ensure you have chosen a stable and flat surface to ensure that the unit does not topple but remains in place.

On the base unit, determine the “LINE” or “TEL LINE” and connect it to one end of the phone cord and the other to the phone jack on your wall. Take your power adapter and plug it into the base unit and the other end into an electrical outlet or ensure the base unit is fully charged as you charge the handset.

Once connected to the power source or charged, the base unit will power on, and an indicator light will be produced, showing that the system is ready for setup.

Step 5: Register the handset to the base station

Press the Middle Softkey to access the handset’s menu. In the menu, navigate to the settings/setup icon, then press OK.

Upon selecting the settings icon, you should see a list of various options, including Recall, Dial Mode, and Handset registration. Register the handset through the steps below:

  • Navigate to the handset registration option, often labeled as ‘Register HS’ depending on your phone’s model.
  • Once you select the register handset option, you will see a prompt to enter the unit’s PIN. Enter the default PIN, usually four zeros (0000).
  • Subsequently, long-press the locator button, often found on the side or at the front of the base unit, depending on the phone’s model. Press the button until you hear a beep sound to signify the successful registration.
  • Since this is the first handset connected to the base unit, select number one as the handset number, and you’re good to go.
  • Remember, once the registration process is completed, you must follow the in-screen instructions to choose the preferred language before completing the process.

Note:  There is a port at the back of the base unit of your cordless phone where you are to plug in one end of the phone line, and at the other end, you can plug into a wall jack or a modem cable. The connection of the phone line to the port is critical since your phone won’t be able to do the essential function of making or receiving calls without it.

Your Panasonic cordless phone will be ready after successfully linking the phone line to the base unit.

Moreover, confirm whether the date and time have been set on your display screen. Some models automatically set the date and time when the phone line has been connected. However, if that is not the case with your model, you may manually set your phone’s date and time while navigating the handset menu.

Once your Panasonic cordless phone has been successfully set, you can configure other settings, including ringtone, adjusting the volume to the preferred level, and enabling the caller ID. The user manual always has different features of cordless phones and how you can configure them.

Finally, after you have completed all the configurations and the setup, you must test the phone to guarantee everything works appropriately. Try calling another line or using another line to see whether you can make and receive calls. If it works, you shall have correctly set up Panasonic cordless phone.

A video showing how to set up Panasonic KX-TG6644B cordless phone

How to program Panasonic cordless phones 

To program your cordless Panasonic phone, you can either scroll through your phone’s display menu or directly employ some commands.

Programming your phone by the scroll method involves selecting and pressing the MENU button and then navigating the MENU by pressing the up or down navigation arrows to pick your preferred menu and then pressing OK to select. If you want to choose an item from the submenu, use the up or down navigation arrows. Using those up or down arrows, you can also pick a setting from the submenu. Press the OFF button to leave the operation.

To use direct commands to program your Panasonic cordless phone, click the menu button and enter the feature code, depending on the function you wish to configure. To exit the operation, press OFFF. Specific feature codes are assigned to different programs. Select the menu to view the settings for the date and time. Select a specified date and time from the options on the display screen. To be more precise, provide the current date and time, then the hour and minute. Select whether the present time is AM or PM using the navigation arrows. Remember to save your modifications before exiting the process by pressing the OFF button.

Programming your Panasonic cordless phone system typically involves setting up different features like caller ID, time and date, speed dial, or even selecting your preferred ringtone.

Most of these programming options depend on the Panasonic phone model you use since the brand has included different interfaces and options in its models. However, the below processes or steps describe the general programming or setting up of the different Panasonic cordless phone functions.

  1. Initial Set Up

Step 1: Fully charge the batteries and place them into the handset. Ensure the base unit is fully charged or connected to an electrical outlet.

Step 2: Connect the base unit to the power source and the telephone line. Use the power adapter and phone cable with your Panasonic cordless system.

  1. Date and Time Set Up

Step 1: Locate and press the “OK” or” Menu” button on your handset.

Step 2: On the menu, navigate the settings options using the up/down arrow keys.

Step 3: Choose the “date &time” option.

Step 4: Enter the correct date and time and save the changes using your phone’s keypad. This will program your phone to the right time and date. Pay attention to your time zone.

  1. Caller ID Set Up

Step 1: Before you enable the caller ID option in your phone, ensure you have registered or subscribed to the service. If not, contact your telephone service providers for the subscription.

Step 2: Locate and press the menu button on your handset.

Step 3: Go to the settings and use the up and down arrow keys to find the “Caller ID” option.

Step 4: Turn on or enable the Caller ID.

  1. Ringtone Selection

  • Find the menu button on your handset
  • Locate the settings option on the handset
  • Find the Ringer or Ringtone option based on your Panasonic phone model.
  • Navigate through the different ringtones that come with your phone. You can listen to the different options and choose the one you prefer. Save your choice.
  1. Speed Dial Set Up

How do you set up Speed Dial on Panasonic cordless phone?

Step 1: Locate and press your handset’s menu or OK button.

Step 2: In the menu, locate the Phone book or Directory option (the label varies with the phone model).

Step 3: Find the speed dial or speed dial setup option and choose it.

Step 4: Use the on-screen prompts to assign numbers to specific speed dial slots.

  1. Answering machine Setup

How to Set up Answering Machine on Panasonic Cordless Phones.

If the Panasonic cordless phone model you purchased has an answering machine function or feature, you must set it up separately.

Step 1: Determine and press the Menu or OK button on the handset.

Step 2: Locate the “Answering Machine” or “Answering System” option on the menu. Select the option.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to set the greeting message, recording time, and other settings on the phone.

Step 4: Test the answering machine.

How to put phone on night mode:

  1. Go to the menu, then browse through the options in the menu.
  2. Pick the night mode option and specify the hour and minute for your device to go into night mode.
  3. Using the navigation arrows, determine whether the time you picked is in the PM or AM.
  4. Before using the OFF button to end this procedure, save your modifications.

The night mode allows you to choose when your device will not accept calls and is particularly useful when you don’t want to be disturbed. To turn on or off night mode, go to the menu, explore the menu settings using the up and down navigation arrows, and save your choices.

To set the alarm on your Panasonic cordless phone, go to the menu and use the up and down arrows to traverse the menu settings to your chosen alarm choice; that is, how often you want your alarm to go off. After that, you should select when you want your alarm to go off and specify whether your chosen time is in the AM/PM. Use the up and down arrows to select the tone you want your alarm to sound like when it goes off. Then save your modifications. To quit, use the OFF button.

Press the MENU soft key to program your voicemail access button, then use the down navigation arrows to press down until you locate the original setting. Scroll down to voicemail and select the original option. Save a phone number to which you’d want to give voicemail access. This step should be followed by two or three pauses, with the last pause followed by keying in the passcode.

How do I connect my Panasonic cordless phone to the base?

Your Panasonic cordless phone may lose connection to the base unit despite registering it during the initial setup. Additionally, the handset will likely lose connection whenever it is far from its base unit, thanks to barriers such as walls. However, do not fret since you can easily connect your handset to the base unit through the steps below:

  •  Press the MENU button to display the handset’s icons
  • Navigate the menu and select the settings/setup icon.
  • Scroll to the ‘Register’ option, select ‘Register Handset’, then press OK.
  • Long-press the locator button on the base unit for at least five seconds to initiate the process.
  • Once you release the locator button, give the handset a minute to finalize the registration process.
  • You should then see a prompt to enter the base PIN on the handset’s display. Enter the default PIN (0000) and press OK. If the process is successful, the unit produces a beep sound to denote that the handset has been connected to the base station.

How To Pair Panasonic DECT Phone To Base Unit

Panasonic cordless phones are expandable to six handsets depending on the model. The expandable aspect comes in handy in busy environments with many phone users. If you just bought a new DECT handset to expand the system or replace your old handset, follow the steps below to pair the device to your base unit:

  • Ensure the existing handset is functional. For the process to be successful, it is advisable to confirm whether the current handset is working properly by checking whether it has a dial tone.
  • Press the MENU button on the DECT phone after installing the batteries and switching on the device.
  • Select the settings/setup icon in the menu that often resembles a spanner.
  • Scroll through the settings, select the ‘Register’ option, and press OK to register the handset.
  • Select the base unit to pair with the DECT handset. After selecting the ‘Register handset’ option, a prompt to choose your base unit appears on the handset’s display. Navigate to your preferred base station and press OK.
  • Hold the locator button for about five seconds until you hear a blip sound. Subsequently, wait at least one minute for the handset to complete registration.
  • Enter your base PIN or the default PIN (0000).
  • Check whether the handset has a dial tone. If yes, it means the DECT phone’s connection to the base has been successful.


Switch on your cordless Panasonic phone; once turned on, press MENU, then use the navigator key to select the initial setup and press OK. Choose register and press OK. The register will appear on the display screen of your handset.

Press the locator button (usually branded with the Wi-Fi logo) for around five seconds until the LED light turns red or the registration tone sounds.

If all the registered handsets start ringing, press the locator button to stop. Repeat this step in the next few seconds. On various phones, you can find the locator button on the base unit’s side or within the base unit. Wait until the base pin is displayed and key it in; it’s usually ‘0000’ by default. Simultaneously hit the OK button until the pairing is complete.

The video below shows how to pair a Panasonic DECT phone to the Base Unit

Operating Instructions for a Panasonic Cordless Phone

Start locating and identifying the control buttons and their functions after the phone is charged. To make a call, hit the speak button and then dial the number of the person you want to call. To answer a call, however, push down on the speak button. When you wish to adjust the call volume, press the volume button. To increase or reduce the volume of the call, use the up and down volume buttons accordingly.

While on the phone, hit the hold button if you get a new call. To answer an incoming call, first hit the hold button, then the talk button. You may also mute an ongoing call by pressing the hold button if you wish to do something that might disrupt the conversation for a little while.

 To make an intercom call:

  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Once you have accessed the menu button, use the up or down navigation arrows to browse the menu settings and select intercom.
  3. Use the up or down arrows to choose the desired unit or voice paging, then press select.
  4. When you finish talking, press the OFF button. 

You may turn on and off your cordless phone using the On or Off button. The menu/OK button allows you to access operations and features of your phone that are not obvious at first sight. The clean button (labeled C) will enable you to clear digits from the display screen before calling if you want to make adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I  set the date and time on my Panasonic cordless phone?

Panasonic cordless phones have a program code for setting the date and time. Press the MENU button on the handset, followed by program code #101. You should then see a prompt to select the date by keying in the current date, month, and year, then press OK. Subsequently, a prompt for setting the time appears. Enter the time and save the changes, then exit by pressing OFF and voila!

Q2. How do I change the name of my Panasonic cordless phone?

In the handset’s menu, select the settings icon. Different options should appear, including the ‘Display’ option. You should select it and navigate to the handset name. Press the C button on the handset to delete the current handset name. You can then set your preferred name and save the changes.

Q3. How do I deregister a Panasonic handset?

The Panasonic program code for deregistering a handset unit is #131. You should press the MENU button and enter the program code. A list of your existing handsets appears, after which you should select the handset you want to deregister. The handset then prompts you to choose whether or not you would like to erase the phone. Select YES, and the deregistration process will be complete.


Panasonic cordless phones have remarkable features such as an excellent sound reduction function, an eco mode extending the battery life, and affordability for initial setup and installation. These features make them more effective and efficient for everyday use in homes and offices. Setting up and programming your Panasonic cordless phone are crucial steps that, if not done right, your cordless phone may not be able to do essential functions such as making or receiving calls. Therefore, you must get the necessary information on setting up and programming your device to enjoy the goodness of owning a Panasonic cordless phone fully.

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