How to Reset AT&T Cordless Phones

AT&T is one of the most reputable brands producing corded and cordless phones. AT&T phones are integrated with essential features and functionalities that enhance their services and make them seamless. As such, you enjoy superior sound quality, range, and boasted security compared to other cordless phone systems.

However, despite their immense convenience and ability to support call waiting, these exemplary phone systems may experience several issues affecting their service and functionality. For instance, with AT&T cordless phones, you may experience glitches like poor audio quality, unresponsive buttons, or dropped calls. In such cases, resetting the phone systems may resolve these problems by refreshing the phone’s settings and clearing any temporary memory issues that may cause the problems.

In this article, we have detailed how to reset AT&T cordless phones and elaborated on the instances when the reset is necessary.

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When to Reset your AT&T Cordless Phone

The AT&T cordless phones are one of the most convenient and outstanding phone models you can ask for in today’s phone market. Most of their models come with answering systems that can allow you to record and listen to voicemail messages directly from your handset, while the call waiting functionality guarantees that you can see the incoming calls even when you are on another call.

However, breakdowns and interruptions in the delivery of these services are inevitable for any cordless phone system. If you encounter any of the following situations, it is time to reset your phone.

  1. Clearing customizations

If you made customized settings or configurations like speed dial entries, ringtone preferences, or call blocking lists that you no longer need or want to start fresh, it is wise to reset the system. By resetting the phone, you erase any customized settings or configurations when you no longer need to be given customizations or want to start afresh. Also, you may want to clear the customizations when passing the phone to a different individual.

  1. Troubleshooting

Issues like unresponsive buttons, dropped calls, or poor audio quality are common in any phone system. If you experience any of these glitches with your AT&T cordless phones, you can reset the phone to resolve the problems and any associated software errors. Troubleshooting the phone system refreshes the phone’s settings and clears any temporary issues causing the problem.

  1. Privacy and Security

Resetting your phone safeguards privacy and security, guaranteeing that any custom settings, call history, and personal information stored on the phone are cleared before the phone system exchanges hands or is accessed by unauthorized persons. This is essential when you want to give away, sell, or dispose of the phone.

  1. Changing Base Stations

If you have changed location and want to set up your cordless phone in your new area, you can establish a new connection with a new base or access point by resetting the phone. Resetting the phone when you change base stations will ensure it is synched with the base station and can function optimally in the new environment.

  1. Firmware Updates

You may need to reset your phone before performing a firmware update. By resetting your phone, you get a clean installation of the new firmware and reduce the chances of compatibility issues or conflicts with existing settings.

If you are in any of the above circumstances, a phone reset will do the trick and guarantee seamless service.

Knowing the circumstances when resetting the phone is necessary, let’s jump into how to reset the AT&T cordless phone.


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How to Reset AT&T Cordless Phones

Step 1: Disconnect Power Adapter

If your handset is connected to the power adapter from the base unit, you must first disconnect the adapter and remove any batteries from the handset (s).

The aim of disconnecting the adapter from the base unit is to reset your AT&T cordless phone. Leave the device disconnected for about one minute to guarantee a complete reset.

Step 2: Reconnect the Adapter

After the first minute has elapsed, reconnect the power adapter to the base unit and place the batteries back into your handset (s). You must ensure the batteries are correctly installed while considering the different terminals.

Step 3: Power On

Power on your cordless phone system and allow it to initialize. The process may take a few moments. Give it between 2-3 minutes to restart.

Check the device and note when it has restarted. If your AT&T has successfully restarted, the phone has been reset to its default settings.

Note: Even the AT&T cordless phones come in unique models. The reset process may not be the same for all phones. However, you should be guided by your phone user manual on the specifics of your model during the reset process. For most AT&T cordless phone models, the simple elaborated step will do the trick.

How to set up AT&T Cordless Phone

For most individuals, setting up an AT&T cordless phone can seem lengthy, and they would seek paid services from professionals or service providers. However, the good news is you can significantly save on these extra costs and set up the device yourself.

Below is a detailed yet simple process for setting up an AT&T cordless phone.

Step 1: Identify the Accessories

If you have just purchased a new AT&T phone, remove it and its associated accessories from the packaging. Determine the various components that have accompanied your device, and you can check on their multiple roles, following your service provider’s instructions.

Step 2: Connect the base station

The new phone package comes with a power adapter. Locate the power adapter to connect your handset’s base station to the power outlet. You must place your base station in a central location within the range of your telephone line.

Step 3: Connect Phone Line

Locate the cords that connect the telephone line to the telephone jack on the base station and the other end to the wall jack and connect one end of the telephone line cord to the jack. Check whether the cable has been correctly plugged in on both ends and secured.

Step 4: Charge the Phone/Handset

Cordless phones use Lithium-ion batteries to operate. However, the batteries must be fully charged before operating your handset. As a result, and particularly when your cordless phone has multiple handsets, put each on a charging cradle or base station to charge them. Leave the handsets to charge for some hours, usually indicated by the service providers in the user manual. Once fully charged, disconnect the handsets from the power source.

Step 5: Set up additional handsets

As mentioned, if you have multiple handsets, check your user manual for the instructions to register them with the base station. First, you must place the handset on the base station and then follow the registration process.

Nevertheless, to register your AT&T cordless phone to the base unit, press the “find handset” button on the base unit for about 5 seconds. You will be prompted to press the pound (#) button on the handset you want to register or pair. You can use the same process to register as many handsets as possible.
Before starting the registration, ensure the handset (S) is disconnected from the base.

Step 6: Customize Settings

Once your AT&T cordless phone is set up, explore more options on your phone’s menu to customize settings like ringtones, caller ID, volume levels, and other features offered by your AT&T cordless phone model.

Step 7: Test the Phone

You must take a test call to ensure the phone functions correctly once the setup is complete. You can test the phone by dialing a known number and determining whether you can hear or be heard clearly. If it does, then you have correctly set up the phone.

The video below demonstrates how to reset AT&T cordless Phone

Why is My AT&T Cordless Phone Not Ringing?

If you realize your AT&T phone is not ringing, it is not the time to freak out. The problem could be easily solved with basic and simple troubleshooting tips. However, you must have some basics on the potential causes of the glitch.

Below are some of the reasons your AT&T cordless phone is not ringing.

  1. Low or muted ringer volume

Low or muted ringer volume is one of the common reasons your AT&T cordless phone may not ring when you receive a call. Ensure your phone’s ringer volume is not muted or set to the lowest level. If so, adjust the ringer volume from the menu settings or use the volume buttons. Sometimes, the ringer might be turned off. You need to turn it on.

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  1. Loose Connections

You will only hear your phone ringing when your phone line is correctly connected to the wall jack and phone base. Always verify your phone line connection and check for any loose connections or disconnected cables. Ensure all the device elements are appropriately connected and firmly plugged in.

  1. Low battery/Power source

The AT&T phones may run on batteries or consume direct electrical power sources when using the corded option. The cordless types use lithium-ion batteries. However, the batteries must be properly charged, or if they are dead, replace them. For the corded types, ensure the phone system is plucked in the power source and receiving the power.

  1. Problem with Phone Line

If you suspect the issue lies with the phone line, you should put it through a test. Use your phone’s jack, plug in a different working phone line, and see whether it rings. If the alternative phone you have used for the test does not ring, then there is a problem with your phone line or an issue with your service provider. In this case, you must contact your service providers for professional assistance as in other instances, it could be due to hardware or service problems.

  1. Problem with Phone Ringer Settings

Different cordless phone models provide unique ringer options based on the ring tones or patterns. If your phone does not ring, you may have to check your ringer settings and determine whether it is set to an audible ringer option.

Also, in other cases, it would be ideal to factory reset the whole phone system to refresh the system. However, you must realize that the phone reset option will erase all the configured or custom settings. If you want to keep the information, store it in an external source before you do a factory reset to reconfigure it afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs 

Q1. Where is the reset button on AT&T?

The reset button on the AT&T phone system is on the rear side, beneath the power input cable. You can easily identify this button as it is conspicuous, labeled reset and always red for most AT&T phone systems.


Phone reset plays a significant role in enhancing security, privacy, and even the convenience of using the service. If you want to give away or sell, resetting your AT&T cordless phone erases personal information and other customization settings.

Besides, if you have a problem with audio quality, unresponsive buttons or dropped calls, resetting the phone help solve the problem and improve its service.

The process is pretty simple. First, disconnect the phone from the power source and remove the batteries. Allow it to rest for about 5 seconds before reinserting the batteries and registering the phone with the base unit. Importantly, it is also crucial that you consider checking the user manual instructions on how to reset. We hope the above guide helps.


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