How to Fix Levelor Cordless Blinds: A DIY Guide

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Levelor cordless blinds are window covers that have become popular among homeowners. Their growing fame is credited to the beautiful variety of fabric, sense of style, and sophisticated design added to the interior décor.

Besides, these units enhance the looks of rooms by eliminating the visual distraction of cords. Coupled with the benefits such as insulating value, blocking out heat, regulating the room temperature, and privacy aspect as it is difficult to see through them, the cordless honeycomb blinds are the perfect additions you will fancy having in your home.

You must also not be worried about the amount of light getting into your room, thanks to the distinctive number of layers that characterize them.  However, the cordless honeycomb blinds may get stuck and refuse to move up or down in certain instances. In such cases, the homeowner may become distressed and wonder how to fix levelor cordless blinds.

Let’s dive in!

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How to fix levelor cordless blinds

Fixing the levelor cordless blinds involves carefully removing them from the windows and placing them on a flat, clean surface. You don’t want your blinds catching dust since the fabric is very delicate to clean.

Then, you need to pop the top of the blind to inspect the strings and any other complications to see where the problem may arise. After careful inspection, you will have to start working on the problem by re-twisting the strings or completely removing the string and putting a new one in place.

After that, you must recoil the strings to ensure they are back in place to the original alignment. You then cover the top initially removed and try to reinstall the blinds to back-test their functionality and whether the problem has been solved.

Tools that are needed to fix cordless honeycomb blinds

  • flat head screwdriver
  • restring needle
  • Tape measure
  • A pair of needle-nose pliers

Steps to fix the levelor cordless blinds

The following steps will provide a detailed outline of fixing cordless honeycomb blinds.

Step 1: Remove the honeycomb blinds from the window.

Use your thumb to reach for the brackets, usually behind the blinds. Look carefully behind the blind to find the tab. Using your thumb, gently push on the tab. This will ensure that the blind head roll is freed up. Repeat the same action on the other side and pull down the blind.

Caution: you should remove one side first and then the other. Place the blind on a flat, clean surface since you don’t want your blinds catching dust.

Step 2: Pop the top of the blind for inspection

The step involves carefully removing the top of the blind that covers the shaft where the strings are wound using the flathead screwdriver. First, clean out any dust particles and debris present since this could be why the blind is stuck. If that’s not the cause of the problem, carefully inspect the strings to see if there could be a misalignment. Align the strings on the metal shaft and replace the blinds to see if they function. If it does not function, proceed to the following step 3.

Step 3: Inspect the strings

In the third step, inspect the strings to check if they might have loosened up, and then use the restring needle to put it back in place. In cases where you need to remove the string from the shaft, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to carefully and slowly remove the string from the shaft and not your hands because you might pull the string too hard and risk breaking it.

If you need to replace the string, use a tape measure to measure the length of the string you will replace. Take note of the measurements and make sure the new string is of the same measurements. Then, use a restringing needle to carefully put the strings back and cover the top of the blinds as before.

Step 4: Reinstall the blinds

Test the functionality of the cords and strings before reinstalling the blinds. If it’s functioning well, then carefully rehang the blinds as they were before.


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How to fix uneven or crooked cordless honeycomb blinds

Sometimes, the blinds may not have been stuck but rather crooked or uneven, and you will probably wonder how to fix them in such a scenario. Fortunately, this is quite easy and time-efficient. Besides, you will not require any complex tools to accomplish the procedure. You must follow the simple steps outlined below to fix the problem.

First, you will need a bubble levelor to determine where the blind should be regarding its current position. Upon determining the exact new position where it should be using the bubble levelor, observe keenly the side of the blinds that need to be shortened and the side that needs to be lengthened. You will then have to pull down on the side that needs to be lengthened and pull up on the side that needs to be shortened repeatedly till they balance out and look even.

The next step is to use the bubble levelor to measure the accuracy and determine if they have evened out. If it does not work out on the first trial, retract and make the tilt motion again until it balances out. Remember to pull down on the shorter side while lifting on the other side, which seems too long. This procedure is time-efficient and works seamlessly on cordless blinds.

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Frequently asked questions-FAQs

What are the benefits of installing cordless honeycomb blinds?

Cordless blinds have numerous benefits, from beautiful fabrics that add to the sophisticated home décor to their insulation properties.

Besides, they are preferable to corded blinds for homeowners with pets and babies in their household because the pets and children will not risk injuries by getting caught up by the cords hanging from the blinds. In addition to these benefits, they also control the light that enters a room, which can ensure easy and peaceful rest during the day when the lights may be too much.

Lastly, fixing cordless blinds is quite easy and time-saving compared to corded ones, which are more difficult to fix and balance the cord mechanism you will need to understand fully.

How to clean the cordless honeycomb blinds?

You might wonder how to clean these blinds if they catch dust without damaging the fabric. You will require only a few items: a vacuum with a hose attachment, a microfiber cloth, warm water, mild dish soap, and compressed air.

Gently sweep across the fabric with the brush attachment at the end of the vacuum. Blow any dust debris from the fabric with a can of compressed air. If the blind fabric is stained, use the washcloth, warm water, and mild dish soap.

Dip the washcloth into the soapy water and gently remove the stain. Remember not to scrub the fabric as it may cause the fabric to tear. Then, pat the cleaned surface dry with another washcloth to prevent watering.

How do you fix cordless faux wood blinds?

Significant issues associated with cordless blinds can be resolved by reactivating the cordless tension device. To ensure that the problem with the cordless faux wood blind is fixed, extend the blind until it is fully lowered, then raise the blind by pushing up on the middle of the bottom rail. Reactivating the tension may take several attempts, but it is worth it.

Why won’t my cordless blinds go up?

Perhaps this is the most pressing issue with the individuals using cordless blinds. Sometimes, the blinds may fail to go up or, in some instances, down, which creates a significant challenge for the users. In case this happens, the inner springs should be activated again. If it is already at the end, you should pull it towards you at a 45-degree angle. In most instances, it would help if you guaranteed that the code inside the shade should operate like a new one.

Can wooden blinds be repaired?

The wooden blinds are much easier to repair units. The various ways of repairing the blinds include replacing the broken tilt mechanism, replacing the broken valance clips, and restring the blinds. The wooden and faux blinds include timber, horizontal, macro, plantation, and timber blinds.

How do you release wooden blinds?

The process of releasing the wooden blinds is pretty simple. First, you need to grab the bottom of the blinds with the help of someone or use one hand and push them upward against the headrail at the top of the blinds. Using the other hand, grab the lift cord and pull it on an angle. In that way, the blinds should be released.

What are the cons of cordless honeycomb blinds?

You might experience difficulty in cleaning the fabric; this is due to the fragile nature of the fabric. First, getting some dust is inevitable for the blinds, and you may damage the fabric without the correct information on how to clean them. Secondly, they are quite expensive as compared to normal curtains. Finally, choosing the right blind may also pose a problem to some individuals since the fabric might be of good quality but may not match your interior décor and style.


Cordless honeycomb blinds are the game changer when it comes to window coverings. First, they have a variety of fabrics that you can choose from. This lets you choose the fabric that will seamlessly match and add sophistication and style to your home décor and interior design. Secondly, they have superior insulation property that helps regulate and manage the temperature within the room. Finally, they also have light-filtering abilities. The blind with darker fabric can filter the lights that enter the rooms during the day. This will ensure you get minimum light into the room if you want to nap and the light is too bright.

This article has provided some answers on “how to fix levelor cordless blinds.” The steps outlined in the article should enable you to quickly and efficiently fix your cordless honeycomb blinds without a hassle. In addition, these steps are cost and time-efficient.

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