Why My Cordless Cellular Shade Won’t Retract

Cordless blinds are among the most popular window coverings you can think of. If you are a homeowner, you would adore them due to their attractiveness with the various flairs of home decorations, and they are safer than the standard cords that pose choking hazards when you have pets and small children.

Irrespective of your best endeavor to keep the binds sleek, it’s inevitable to encounter problems with various components due to senility or high wear and tear.

Follow the procedures below for the most common issues with cordless blinds. You will master swift solutions, acquire knowledge of techniques that will ultimately save you money, and establish why your cordless cellular shade won’t retract.

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Cordless Cellular Shade Won’t Retract – Potential Causes 

Before you find answers on how to fix the cordless blinds that won’t retract, you must first understand why this problem occurred.

Below are some common reasons why your cordless cellular shades won’t react.

Damaged internal motor springs

All cordless window shades came with internally placed motor springs. These internal motors retract when you lift your blinds. The springs hold the blinds in the raised place at one point when lifting or when you stop the lowering motion.

Due to tear and wear, the internal motor spring may need resetting to function correctly.

Entangled internal ribbon

There are internal ribbons placed all along with the shade. These ribbons can get entangled and cause the blind to malfunction.

When you place your window shade in an upward position for too long

If you keep your cordless blind in an upward position for too long, the internal motor may not work when you try to reactivate it. In such scenarios, you must reset the internal motor to function properly.

A fault during the manufacturing process

If your window shade doesn’t retract as soon as you fix it or shortly afterward, the problem might be caused by manufacturing defects, especially if your blinds are of low quality. Buying blinds from a reputable manufacturer ensures they are of quality materials that last longer.

Humidity and heat effects

If you live in areas prone to high heat and humidity levels, these weather elements can cause the blinds to expand. Consequently, this causes the blinds to bend out of shape, resulting in them not going up or down.

How to fix cordless blinds that won’t retract

Lifting and closing cordless blinds is usually an easy process. Whether you install faux wood blinds, cellular blinds, or roller shades in your home, we know you are passionate about keeping them attractive as long as possible. But at times, the cordless blinds may need repair and maintenance. You wonder how to fix the cordless blind that won’t go up or down at such times.

Instead of worrying or throwing the blinds away, you can learn simple ways to amend your cordless blinds, as it doesn’t take much time or technical know-how to perform the task.

Follow the procedures below for the most common problems with cordless blinds.

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Reactivate the spring mechanism.

Many cordless blinds, manually pulled up or down, come with springs. Mostly, when the cordless shades don’t go down, the prime suspect for this could be these springs.

A common challenge to most homeowners is how to amend a cordless blind that won’t go up. If your blinds remain closed or opened for a long time, they may inactivate the inner springs. Worry not; the blinds are not broken but relatively inactive. All you need is to activate the internal springs again.

When the cordless blind doesn’t lift upward, begin by gently trying to lower it as far as it will go. Pull it towards you at 45 degrees if it has reached the furthest. Mostly, the cord system in the cordless blind should operate as new afterward. If that’s not the case, you can give it a few tugs at the same angle of 45 degrees.

Secondly, you can also place one hand behind the blinds towards the top and one on the front at the top end (matching the other hand). Both hands should be at the same spot on the top, just one at the back and one at the front. Press your palms firmly but gently and run them down the blinds slowly, ensuring you are stretching the panels of the blinds.

Realign uneven shades

If your shade appears uneven, do not attempt to pull or tug on either end to realign it. Pulling on either end will make the blinds look even more lopsided or unbalanced. Tugging can also damage the material.

Instead, take the bottom portion of the window covering in your hand. Take hold of the middle and then pull the shade downward. The progression should be abrupt yet gentle. Reiterate the motion with each uneven blind until the blind appears new again.

Test the friction clips.

The friction clips are systems within the cordless blinds that work to help the blinds recoil. Occasionally, a fault in the clip can cause a problem with the opening and closing of the blind. If you can’t solve the problem by reactivating the spring or realigning the shades, you may want to remove one or more friction clips.

Begin by opening the headrail and locating the friction clips inside the shade. Remove one friction clip and put the headrail back on. If the blind is operating perfectly, removing more friction clips is probably unnecessary. Shades that are still not working may need another examination. Take off the headrail again and remove the friction clips until the blinds work perfectly.

Remove the steel rod.

Sometimes, the issue with your window covering is in the steel rod. The rods are on the lower end of the blinds. If this part of the window shade isn’t working perfectly, it’s time to return to work. Remove the end caps and locate two long steel pieces. Take one out, and then put the end caps back on.

When the window shade still doesn’t work as anticipated, you can try removing the other steel rod and placing the original back. In some instances, eliminating both rods offers the solution. Don’t forget to put the end caps on each time.


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Contact the manufacturer

The above tips are the most common problems and ways to fix cordless window shades in the comfort of your home. If your blinds are still giving you headaches, contact the manufacturer. Too much experimental fix may cause your delicate shades to break even if you are dexterous. The manufacturer can help you quickly identify the solution so you don’t waste time or add to the damage.

Browse the manufacturer’s website and find their customer service number. Once connected with a professional, they will guide you towards your solution. You may also find essential tips in their video library or their blogs.

How to Adjust Cordless Roman Blinds

If your cordless Roman blinds fail to go up, you should not fret. Fixing the problem is pretty straightforward.

Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Locate and pull the blind. The process involves pulling the blind down and holding it at a 45-degree angle away from your window.

Step 2: Tug and Push:  The second step involves gently tugging your blind and pushing it up. The step is crucial to reset your motor.

Step 3: Your blind should work once the motor is reset. However, locate the tube under your blind and place your hand on it if the approach fails. Rotate the tube, half turn. Your blind should go to its up position.

 How do cordless blinds work?

Have you ever felt stumped about how to pull or how much force to apply while tugging the cord? There are numerous ways to operate the blinds, but the most straightforward option is cordless ones.

While they pose as stylish and easy to operate, what makes people hesitant about cordless blinds is fixing them if any problem occurs. There are tricks and tactics for fixing cordless blinds that don’t come down, but it is vital to understand how they function.

Cordless blinds provide an easy solution of pulling down or pushing up the blinds quickly in one motion.

If you want to lower cordless shades, you need to pull them down gently in one swift action. The exact mechanism works when you want to pull it back up. You need to gently press all the panels against each other and push them back together to the desired level.

The cordless window shades have springs and other mechanisms, making it easy to lift, pull down, or adjust the height of the blinds to your preferred length. Their uncomplicated design makes them an excellent option for studying, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, and washrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why won’t my blinds go up?

Your blinds may fail to go up if your cord lock mechanism malfunctions. Gently pull the cord to the same level as the header pierce or headrail at the top of your blinds to diagnose the problem. Pull the cord gently to activate its motion.


Cordless blinds are a smart option due to the numerous benefits they provide. Cordless blinds offer an easy solution of pulling down or pushing up the blinds quickly in one motion. With the recent technology boom, motorized blinds and innovative designs are a widespread option. Since the blinds are mechanical, it’s easy to encounter problems with various components that help them function.

Your cordless cellular shade won’t retract due to damaged internal motors, entangled inner ribbon, heat effects, or when the shade is placed upwards for too long. Remedy the situation by realigning varying shades, reactivating the spring mechanism, or removing friction clips or steel rods. Buying blinds from a reputable manufacturer ensures they are of quality materials that last longer.

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