Can I use my Cordless Waterpik in the Shower?

An image showing Oralfree Water Dental Flosser Cordless for Teeth Cleaning, one of the best cordless shower Warpik

Brushing your teeth alone is never enough since it leaves plaque and food debris behind, leading to serious dental problems such as gum diseases, tooth decay, and bad breath. Opting for Waterpik is the best decision since it removes micro food debris stuck in between the teeth and gum tissues around the teeth and firms them as well.

Cordless Waterpik sprays water between your teeth in constant pulses. Being battery-operated, waterproof, and portable, the unit is convenient for showers, small spaces, and travel. However, many individuals haven’t come to a consensus on whether cordless Waterpik is convenient for showers and always seek the answers to the question; can I use my Cordless Waterpik in the shower?

Yes. Cordless Waterpik units are portable and waterproof, hence practical and convenient for cleaning your teeth in showers. With cordless Waterpik, you can multitask if you are in a hurry to leave the house, that is, brushing your teeth as you take your shower.

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How Waterpik works

Your teeth being flawlessly clean will depend on how best you use your Waterpik. Therefore, you must put it to the correct procedures and use.

To effectively use your cordless Waterpik;

Attach the reservoir to the power handle and let it charge for 24 hours before use. During the charging period, ensure it’s in the off position, and after it’s fully charged, unplug the charging code then select the blue low-pressure tip if you are using it for the first time.

Then, fill the reservoir by lifting the flip top and adding lukewarm water. Ensure the tip is secure by pressing it firmly until it clips into place.

You then lean over the sink, place the tip in your mouth, turn the unit on, and then partially close your lips to prevent splashing and let water flow from your mouth into the sink.

Keep the unit upright for continuous water flow. You can use your thumb to rotate the tip for easier reach to all the mouth areas.

Aim the tip of the gum line and for best results, start with your back teeth and move along the gum line, pausing briefly between teeth.

Floss the front and backside of your teeth for one minute a day. After you have water-flossed all areas, press the off button to stop the water flow. To remove or change the tip, press the eject button over the on button.

The below video demonstrates how to use a Waterpik.

How to clean the Waterpik

Cleaning Waterpik is essential as it helps prevent bacteria that can be introduced into your mouth, undoing the good that it achieves. Its effectiveness will depend on how frequently it gets cleaned up since it’s likely to wear out in performance over time if some minerals and bacteria get stuck on it. Therefore it’s essential to clean up your Waterpik to maintain consistent performance in cleaning your teeth and gums.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to clean your Waterpik

Step 1: Empty the reservoir and water pipe

After you are done cleaning your teeth, some water might be left in the reservoir. Therefore, it’s necessary to empty it every week and only have fresh water in the tank. Thereafter, you remove the black reservoir valve by pushing it from the bottom, then you make sure to clean it with warm water and put it aside.

In addition, you should also clean the water line that carries the water from the reservoir to the Waterpik tip then let the water run out to empty the reservoir. All the water will eventually run out, and the waterline will be empty as well. Rerunning the unit for another few seconds is crucial as it will help suck air through the tube and push the remaining moisture out.

Step 2: Clean the inside and the outside of the Waterpik

Since the Waterpik has a plastic surface, using a damp cloth will help eliminate the dust, dirt, and moisture that might have been embedded there. It would be best if you also consider cleaning the handle and the tube. After you are done cleaning the exterior parts, you then get to the inside parts and begin cleaning using a damp cloth or an abrasive cleaner for better results. Alternatively, you can also run half of a mixture of vinegar through the Waterpik, then drain it in the sink after sometimes then do the rinsing with warm water for more effective cleaning.

Step 3: Wait until it dries up

After the cleaning and emptying process, you should give the Waterpik some time to dry out in the open air. Moreover, leaving the reservoir open will be more effective since the inside parts will also have access to air, making them dry up as well. Giving it more time in the open air will reduce the chances of bacteria building up in your Waterpik.

Features of an effective shower Waterpik

Water reservoir capacity

The water reservoir capacity depends on the design and type of Waterpik you are using. The cordless one holds up to 210ml and the time for flossing per full reservoir also differs based on the pressure setting and the size of the reservoir. If the water runs out before the intended time, you can still refill it and proceed with the cleaning.

Water pressure setting

The water pressure setting is a vital feature since it enables you to control the force of the water spray produced by the Waterpik. It’s effective and convenient as you can set the pressure you need to use. However, beginners should start at the lowest pressure setting to get a user-comfortable experience. You can then make adjustments over time once you are comfortable with how it works.

Batteries, portability, and travel Waterproof

The Waterpik offers no difficulty during storage since it’s small in size and can easily be put inside a bag, allowing for easier mobility. The batteries inside the Waterpik are user-rechargeable. Therefore, it’s not mandatory you attach it to a power outlet while using it. In addition, you can easily move around with it to whichever place you are going. Its waterproof nature makes it a perfect choice too for places like showers.

Since we are using a cordless Waterpik, understanding its battery-retaining capacity is of crucial importance. A cordless Waterpik can operate independently without being plugged into a power system. Therefore it’s advisable to consider the battery run time when making a purchasing decision. Well, most cordless Waterpik will take 8-10 hours to be fully recharged, and a completely charged Waterpik lasts a couple of days before the battery gets drained off.

Multiple users

The Waterpik has removable tips that can be taken out once one person is done flossing. After it has been removed, another family member can insert their tip and begin using it. The ring at the base of the tip being color-coded, offers ease of identification.

Rotating tip control

Most of the models are designed to offer greater flexibility by reaching certain areas of the mouth. The base that holds the tip can easily be rotated using the thumb, thus providing easy access to all areas of the mouth. Note that after you insert a new tip into the Waterpik, you should ensure it clips into place to prevent further leaking that is likely to occur.

Adjustable Settings

The adjustable settings represent the device’s ability to customize different aspects of the shower experience based on your preferences. One essential adjustable setting element is water pressure. Different individuals have unique preferences when it comes to water pressure in their showers. For instance, you may prefer a strong, invigorating spray while other people in your household may prefer a gentler flow.

Ultimately, a good shower Waterpik should allow you to adjust its water pressure to your preference, ensuring a comfortable and personalized shower experience for everyone in the household.

Moreover, apart from adjusting the water pressure, there are modern shower Waterpik models that provide numerous spray patterns to choose from. The patterns may include pulsating massage, rainfall, mist, or a combination of different patterns. Being able to switch between these spray patterns allows users to customize their showers based on their mood or specific requirements at that given time.

Furthermore, some Waterpik models are integrated with nozzles that can be adjusted or angled to direct the water flow precisely where it is needed. This can be important for targeting some muscles or areas that require a comfortable and enjoyable shower experience each time.

When you go shopping for the Waterpik model, you can check if the unit has temperature control. There are advanced units with temperature control features that will allow you to adjust the water temperature to your preferred level, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable shower experience every time. The adjustable flow rate settings will also promote water conservation without interfering with the device’s performance. You can reduce the flow rate when desired, promoting water efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Anti-clog Design

If you want to maintain consistent water flow and prevent blockages caused by debris buildup and mineral deposits, choose a shower Waterpik model with an anti-clog design. The anti-clog design is characterized by several features including a nozzle designed to prevent clogs. Anti-clog nozzles are designed to resist mineral buildup by featuring small, precision-engineered openings that discourage deposits from forming. These openings are designed to self-clean during use, preventing blockages from occurring.

In addition, the materials used in the construction of the showerhead are also essential considerations to prevent clogs. High-quality materials like stainless steel or silicone are often used because they are less prone to corrosion and mineral buildup compared to cheaper materials such as plastic. Also, the materials that are resistant to limescale and other mineral deposits help prolong the life of the shower Waterpik.

Also, there are certain shower Waterpik Models that may integrate internal filters or screens to trap sediment and debris before it reaches the nozzles. You can use the filters to easily remove and clean or replace as needed, furtjer reducing the risk of clogs and ensuring consistent water flow.

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Why Waterpik

Waterpik is a great relief due to its ability to dislodge food particles in-between one’s teeth without strain .it’s always recommended you use the Waterpik before brushing since this will enhance the effectiveness of tooth brushing. Waterpik is easier and more pleasant to use compared to other methods of flossing, such as string floss.

Waterpik helps prevent and treat gum diseases that might have developed due to improper cleaning of the teeth. Generally, Waterpik is proven to reduce plaque, and gingivitis and improve overall gum health.

Waterpik is also of great help to people living with dexterity conditions such as arthritis since using other cleaning methods such as string floss is hectic and strenuous for them.

Shown is an image of one of the cordless Waterpik models you can find at Amazon, appropriate for use in showers, the Oralfree Water Dental Flosser Cordless for Teeth Cleaning.


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Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Q1. Do you brush your teeth before or after using a Waterpik?

It’s recommended that you use your Waterpik before tooth brushing as this will dislodge the stuck food debris, making it easy to brush the remaining areas free of particles. Logically Waterpik cleans in between the teeth, while brushing, on the other hand, cleans only the outer surface of the teeth.

Therefore, it will only be convenient to start by cleaning the parts between the teeth so that the debris and particles can be cleaned up, hence enhancing tooth brushing and toothpaste effectiveness.

Q2. How often should the Waterpik be recharged?

If it’s used once a day or less, then it should be charged once a week, overnight but if you water flossed twice a day or more, charge the unit more often.

Q3. How long does the Waterpik last?

It’s advisable to replace the jet tip, implant denture tip, and tongue cleaner every six months because mineral deposits do collect in there, reducing its performance over time. So how you maintain it will determine how long it will serve you.

Q4. At what setting should the Waterpik be used?

The Waterpik model is designed to allow pressure reduction and increase. One is free to choose a setting that one feels comfortable with. However, first-time users should start at low pressure and then increase it gradually until it gets to the highest setting, which is probably more comfortable.

Q5. Can I replace my Waterpik batteries?

Yes, you can replace the batteries once you realize a change in performance. However, replacement can only be done with new batteries of the same type and brand. When changing the batteries, you begin by opening and dismantling your Waterpik. Then you remove the old rechargeable battery. After that, you solder in the replacement battery, and then you resemble the Waterpik and charge the new barriers.


Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Therefore it’s vital to properly clean it up without leaving behind any food particles in between your teeth as it can lead to serious tooth problems if left to decay. However, with Waterpik, this is easily remedied since it offers flawless cleaning, removing all food particles stuck in between your teeth that brushing alone couldn’t eliminate. Besides, being portable and waterproof makes it a perfect choice for showers.

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