Caller ID Not Working on Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic cordless phone models have been among the best home cordless phones in the market since time immemorial. This, however, comes as no surprise as the brand offers quality at a reasonable price. The brand’s popularity could be attributed to the myriad of outstanding features that come with Panasonic cordless phones, including digital answering systems, Link2Cell, talking caller ID, you name it.

Over the years, Panasonic phone models have been upgraded to integrate with present-day technological advancements like the popular OBi calling technology. Despite these exemplary aspects, it is not unheard of to experience hitches such as OBi caller ID not working on Panasonic cordless phones.

Rebooting or resetting your Panasonic phone system is the ultimate solution whenever the caller ID feature is not working. Resetting your Panasonic cordless phone entails unplugging the base unit from the power source and removing the handset’s batteries.

Subsequently, leave the system disconnected for at least thirty minutes. You may then re-install the batteries and restore the power supply to the base unit. Once you do so, the caller ID should work effectively upon restarting the unit. However, it is advisable to analyze the cause of the problem before resolving to reboot the system.

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Caller ID not Working on Panasonic Cordless Phones (Potential Reasons).

Caller ID Service Issues

An ideal way to confirm whether you are having caller ID service issues is to check whether other phones in the building are exhibiting the same problem. In this case, the source of the problem is more likely to be your phone company rather than your Panasonic phone system. If that’s the case, contacting your telephone service provider is the best way to go.

Low Battery

Cordless phones solely rely on the batteries to function effectively, and your Panasonic cordless phone is not an exception. That said, a low battery tends to compromise the functionality of your handset, which includes the Caller ID function.

Fortunately, Panasonic cordless phone handsets feature battery indicator lights to indicate the battery level for convenience. For this reason, ensure you confirm that the handset has sufficient battery for the caller ID feature to function properly. If not, consider charging the device for approximately six hours before re-using the caller ID function for best results. Consequently, ensure the base unit is properly plugged into the power source.

Overloaded Phone Line

If the handset serves a busy work environment, an overloaded phone line is one of the most probable causes of the caller ID not working. Check whether there is other equipment on the line to confirm if this is the cause of the problem. Consider disconnecting other technical equipment, then test whether the caller ID functions appropriately.

Call Forwarding

Whenever you activate call forwarding on your phone system, incoming calls are forwarded to a remote destination. Therefore, the caller ID will also be forwarded to the same destination and will end up not being displayed on your phone. That said, consider checking whether the call-forwarding feature is activated on your phone. If this is the case, ensure you deactivate it through the following steps, which may vary slightly from one Panasonic cordless phone model to another.

How to Deactivate Call Forwarding on Panasonic Cordless Phones

  1. Press the MENU button
  2. Select the IP Service icon from the icons displayed on the screen. You should see a list containing Network Settings and Call features.
  3. Under Call Features, select Call Forwarding and navigate to your preferred line.
  4. Select your preferred call forwarding option, then scroll down to the ‘Off’ option, then select it, and you’re good to go.

Inactive Caller Display

In this case, consider contacting your phone service provider to activate the caller display feature. In case you have subscribed to a caller ID service yet the feature is still not working, you may have turned off the caller ID function. In this case, consider turning on the caller ID feature on your Panasonic cordless phone.

How to Turn on Caller ID on Panasonic Cordless Phones

  1. Select the MENU button
  2. Enter the Panasonic program code for the caller ID function. Use the program code #162 or #*162 to turn on the caller ID function on the handset or base station, respectively.
  3. Turn on the caller ID function by selecting the ‘ON’ option displayed on the screen.
  4. Save the changes and exit the program by pressing the Off button.

If the caller ID still fails to work, you may now opt to reset or reboot your Panasonic cordless phone systems using the steps below.

How to Reset Your Panasonic Cordless Phone System

Disconnect the base unit from the power supply

For this step, ensure you turn off the power source before unplugging the base unit to cut off the power supply.

Turn off the handset

Once there is no power supply to the base station, turn off the handset by removing the handset’s batteries.

Allow the system to reset

It is advisable to leave everything disconnected for at least thirty minutes for the system to reset before turning it back on.

Restore power supply

After waiting for a while, you may restore the power supply to the base unit by plugging it back into the power source.

Turn on the handset

Finally, reinstate the phone’s batteries, turn on the handset, and the caller ID should work as expected.

However, if none of these options remedy the situation, there may be other possible causes of the caller ID not working on your Panasonic cordless phone. For instance, the handset on the other end may not support the caller ID function. Additionally, your caller may have made the caller ID information private. If this is not the case, consider contacting Panasonic customer service to address the issue effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the caller ID on a Panasonic cordless phone?

The caller ID announcement function is one of the outstanding aspects of Panasonic cordless phones. Whenever you have an incoming call, the feature identifies and announces the caller for convenience. Thanks to the caller ID announce feature, you can answer, ignore or block a specific caller ID. You can turn the caller ID on or off through the steps mentioned above.

How do I get caller ID on my Panasonic cordless phone?

It is mandatory to have an active caller ID display to get the caller ID to function on your cordless phone. Enter the code *234# to activate the caller ID display. You can also dial #234# to prevent the caller’s ID from being displayed on your screen. Additionally, key in the program code *#234# to confirm whether the caller ID feature on your handset is on.

How do I unblock caller ID on my Panasonic cordless phone?

Like turning on the caller ID feature, unblocking phone numbers can also be done using a program code. The first step to unblocking caller ID on a Panasonic cordless phone is pressing the MENU button, then key in the program code #217.

A call block list containing all the caller ID information or phone numbers you have blocked appears. Navigate to the caller ID you would like to unblock, press the ERASE option and select YES. By doing so, the caller ID will be deleted from the call block list. Ensure you exit the program by pressing the OFF button.


Technical equipment is prone to occasional breakdowns, and Panasonic cordless phones are not an exception despite offering the utmost convenience. The issue of caller ID not working on Panasonic cordless phones is therefore not an unusual occurrence. It is often a result of minor setbacks such as a low battery or inactive caller display.

One way to fix the issue of the Caller ID not working in a Panasonic cordless phone is to confirm with your phone company (Panasonic) to ensure that your Caller ID is working properly. You must first verify by checking the other Caller IDs compatible with your phone in the house or office. For instance, if the other phones within the house are also not showing the caller ID number, it would be prudent that you call your phone company.

However, if the problem is only with your Panasonic cordless phone, you will need to plug in the phone on a different phone jack test as a way to resolve the issue.  Besides, you may consider resetting the system by disconnecting the base and taking out the batteries from the phone for about 30 minutes. The approach will help you reset the phone.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, rebooting or resetting your Panasonic cordless phone should do the trick. Follow the steps mentioned above to reboot or reset your Panasonic cordless phone and get its caller ID working in no time.

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