Black and Decker cordless Drill Battery not Charging

A cordless drill is one of the must-have equipment for any DIYer’s toolbox. The Black and Decker cordless drill, for instance, is a popular preference for most DIY enthusiasts. The device graces its users with undebatable convenience owing to its user-friendly aspects, such as lightweight and compact design in addition to variable speed settings.

However, like any other equipment, the Black and Decker cordless drill may be subject to occasional breakdowns. Therefore, it is not uncommon to experience hitches such as your Black and Decker cordless drill battery not charging, especially after prolonged use. Before you resort to replacing your drill’s battery, consider troubleshooting the problem.

The most probable reason behind your Black and Decker cordless drill battery not charging is unfavorable environmental temperature. That said, the first step to resolving the problem is to assess the battery’s temperature. If the battery is too hot or too cold, ensure you disconnect the drill from any power source.

Consequently, remove the battery and allow it to cool down for some time, after which you can re-install the battery, and your cordless drill should resume charging as usual.

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Black and Decker Cordless Drill Not Charging: Causes and Solutions

When your black and Decker cordless drill is not charging, there could be several potential causes. However, you need not fret as these causes have corresponding solutions that you can fix by yourself and let your tool resume its functionality.

Below are some of the elements you must consider when your Black and Decker cordless drill is not charging.

Unfavorable Temperature

It is recommended to store your Black and Decker cordless drill at room temperature for optimal performance. Storing the battery amid very high or low temperatures may therefore prevent the battery from charging. Additionally, prolonged use of the cordless drill while plugged into a power source may result in the battery overheating.

Consider checking whether the battery feels too warm or cold to confirm if this is the problem. Alternatively, check whether the charge light is flashing slowly, which acts as a warning sign to indicate that the surrounding temperature is unsuitable for charging. If that’s the case, detach the battery from the drill and store it at room temperature for it to cool down. Once the temperature is restored, reinstate your battery and try charging the drill again.

Defective Charger or Cables

In this case, examine the charger for any defects and check whether the cables are loose. Ensure you brush off any dust or debris on the charger or cables. Subsequently, detangle any twisted cables for ultimate results.

You can then test the charger using other batteries to confirm if it’s effective. Failure to charge another battery signifies that the charger is defective and it’s time to replace it.

Corroded Terminals

DIY equipment such as cordless drills are often stored in the garage, where anything goes. If you store your Black and Decker cordless drill in the garage, it is subject to corrosion and debris buildup, which may obstruct current flow, preventing the battery from charging.

If the terminals are corroded, you should see the charge indicator light flashing fast to indicate a poor connection between the drill’s battery and the charger. Therefore, it is advisable to wipe the battery’s contact terminals using a dry piece of cloth before attempting to charge it again. If the flashing persists, then the battery needs a replacement.

Empty or Faulty Battery

If you use the battery for a prolonged period without recharging it, an empty battery is likely to cause the problem. Over-discharging your Black and Decker cordless drill’s battery could also result in the battery not charging. If the battery falls below four volts, recharging it could be a hassle. During such instances, reviving the battery is the ultimate solution, rather than opting for a replacement battery, which could be costly.

How To Revive a Cordless Drill Battery That Won’t Charge

All you need to facilitate this process is a functional spare Black and Decker battery and two good conductors, preferably paper clips. Worry not if you don’t have a spare battery since a car battery works as well. With these items in place, follow the steps below to revive your cordless drill’s battery:

  1. Detach the battery that won’t charge from the cordless drill.
  2. Place the battery side to side with the functional one.
  3. Identify the positive and negative terminals of both batteries.
  4. Using a straightened paper clip, connect the positive terminal of the spare battery to that of your drill’s battery that won’t charge.
  5. Similarly, use another paper clip to connect the negative terminals of the two batteries.
  6. Wait for a few minutes for the battery to be jump-started, after which you can try charging the device again.

Since the drill’s battery was completely discharged, consider charging it for up to three hours to ensure it attains a full charge. If this fails to resolve the issue, the battery may be faulty, requiring a professional to fix it. Attempting to fix the battery by yourself could end up voiding the warranty. Therefore, the ultimate solution is to contact Black and Decker customer service.


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How to Care For Black and Decker Cordless Drill Battery

The Black and Decker cordless drill often cost an arm and a leg, and having to replace it time and again could be a deal-breaker. That said, here are some of the recommended practices that extend the life of your Black and Decker cordless drill:

Charge the battery fully. This enhances optimal performance and helps prevent disruptions amid your DIY projects.

Use the battery regularly. Even when idle, cordless drills can use up their batteries and completely deplete them. Therefore, it is advisable to occasionally recharge the battery when not in use to prevent it from being depleted.

Restore the battery to its carrying case after use to prevent exposure to dust or liquids.

  • Store the drill’s battery in a cool, dry place to prevent corrosion of the contact terminals.
  • Use proper torque settings to extend the battery run time. Using a very high torque uses up the battery faster, thus compromising its runtime.
  • Avoid over-discharging the battery by ensuring the battery level does not go below four volts, as this often results in the battery not charging.
  • Always have an extra or spare drill battery. In this way, you can prevent inconveniences caused by constant battery depletion in the middle of your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs 

How long does a Black and Decker cordless drill battery last?

Black and Decker cordless drill batteries are designed to retain charge when not in use. Thanks to this aspect, the batteries can last for up to three years. Additionally, the batteries exhibit a run time of approximately one hour. The battery run time, however, may depreciate with time.

How do you change the battery in the Black and Decker cordless drill?

To change the battery in your Black and Decker cordless drill, identify the button located at the front of the installed battery, press it until the battery pops off, and then remove the battery by gently sliding it off.

You can then slide the replacement battery into the driver while ensuring the button is at the front part. Press it as you slide the battery in until you hear a clicking sound, and you’re good to go.

How long should you charge a Black and Decker 18V battery?

Black and Decker 18V batteries take approximately three to six hours to attain a full charge. However, it is advisable to initially charge the device for six hours to enhance optimal performance. Consequently, to avoid overcharging the battery, you can check whether the charge light indicates that the device has been fully charged.


The ultimate solution to your Black and Decker cordless drill battery not charging is ensuring it exhibits an ideal temperature. Being a DIYer is challenging enough as you have to train yourself and do your research. Therefore, a defective cordless drill battery could be a significant deal-breaker, especially because replacing it could cost a fortune.

Fortunately, Black and Decker’s cordless drills feature a two-year warranty that could come in handy during such instances. However, before you resort to replacing the drill or its battery, consider resolving the issue using the remedies mentioned above. If the problem persists, consider contacting Black and Decker customer service to avoid voiding the warranty.

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