10 Best Cordless Router of 2024: TRIED & REVIEWED

An image showing Cordless Trim Router Woodworking Kit, one of the best cordless router in use for woodworking

If you are a professional in woodwork or an individual based in a workshop, you should have crossed paths with a cordless router. This versatile tool is used to cut channels in materials such as wood. You can also use a cordless router to design ornate patterns, edges, and grooves. Adding onto its function bag, the cordless router can make smooth dadoes, flutings, and mortises, helping you achieve exemplary décor on your woodwork.

This unit is an essential upgrade from the corded router version, which was troublesome to use, with the cable mostly dragging behind and getting entangled in corners. Besides, the battery-powered router models are characterized by brushless motors. The brushless router models have enhanced efficiency and performance as there is no energy loss through friction.

Besides, the brushless motors reduce their susceptibility to mechanical wear compared to the brushed models.

Read on to learn about the best cordless router units available. We have also attached an incredible buyers’ guide to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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Best Cordless Router Reviews 2024

1. Avhrit Cordless Compact Wood Router

The Avhrit Cordless Compact Wood Router is a versatile and powerful tool for woodworking enthusiasts.An image showing Avhrit Cordless Compact Wood Router, 21V Wood Router Tool With 2PCS 4.0Ah Batteries, one of the best cordless router unit

With the convenience of cordless operation and equipped with 2PCS 4.0Ah batteries, this router offers the freedom to tackle small projects and quick touches without the hassle of tangled cables.

Besides, it’s a portable handheld palm router suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring efficiency without compromise.

It has numerous essential features to aid in its operation.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Brushless Motor: The brushless motor delivers up to 33000RPM, offering a wide range of routing and trimming applications with low noise, wear, and energy consumption.
  2. 6 Variable Speeds: Featuring six-speed settings (10000-33000 RPM), you can choose the most suitable speed for different materials, enhancing versatility.
  3. Quick Release Lock & Accurate Adjustments: The router features a new design with a quick-release cam lock system, enabling easy depth adjustment and base removal/installation. The rack-and-pinion depth control ensures precision cutting without manual screw adjustments.
  4. 15PCS 1/4″ Router Bits Kits: A professional woodworking tool with a comprehensive set of 15 bits, including straight, V-grooving, dovetail, and round bits. This variety of accessories caters to different woodworking needs.


  1. Efficient Cordless Operation: Eliminating winding cables enhances convenience and allows for easy portability.
  2. Powerful and Versatile: The brushless motor and variable speed options make it suitable for various woodworking applications.
  3. Quick and Accurate Adjustments: The quick-release lock and precise depth control contribute to efficient and accurate routing.


  • It is slightly less powerful than corded alternatives for heavy-duty tasks.


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2. Cordless Compact Wood Router 

This is yet another tool that comes with efficiency and convenience. With a robust aluminum alloy body, this router ensures exceptional durability.

In addition, this unit is integrated with two high-capacity 4.0Ah rechargeable batteries to provide 30 minutes of continuous operation and eliminate the hassle of tangled cables, offering unrestricted mobility for various woodworking tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Portable Cordless Design: The router’s cordless nature enhances mobility, freeing users from the constraints of cables and allowing them to work without space limitations.
  2. High-Capacity Batteries: Equipped with two 4.0Ah rechargeable batteries, offering 30 minutes of continuous operation for prolonged usage.
  3. Heat Dissipation Hole & 6-Speed Adjustability: A robust pure copper motor reaches speeds up to 30,000r/min, ensuring enhanced work efficiency. The innovative heat dissipation hole design enables prolonged, uninterrupted operation without overheating concerns. The six adjustable speed levels provide flexibility for various materials.
  4. Accurate Scale & Metal Base: The router features a scale for precise processing, and the strong, anti-fall metal base ensures stability during use. The thicker model contributes to low noise, enhancing overall processing stability.
  5. Ergonomic Non-Slip Grip: The non-slip rubber handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, reducing fatigue during extended periods of use.


  1. Unrestricted Mobility: The cordless design, coupled with high-capacity batteries, allows users to move freely without the constraints of cables, enhancing efficiency.
  2. Extended Operation Time: With 30 minutes of continuous operation, users can accomplish more tasks without frequent recharging.
  3. Efficient Cooling Mechanism: The heat dissipation hole design ensures rapid cooling, enabling prolonged and uninterrupted machine operation without overheating.


  • You may need additional battery capacity if you have longer or more extensive projects.


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3. Cordless Trim Router Woodworking Kit 

The Cordless Trim Router Woodworking Kit offers a comprehensive solution for woodworking enthusiasts, combining the efficiency of a brushless cordless compact router with a range of accessories for versatile applications.

With a focus on power, convenience, and ease of use, this kit includes essential components like the trimmer base, an 18V lithium-ion 4.0Ah battery, fast charger, trimmer guide pulley, straight guide, spanner wrench, dust extracting attachment, 8.5 mm router template guide, 1/4″ collet, and 3/8″ collet.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Cordless Router Kit: The kit provides a brushless, compact router with a trimmer base, offering a complete solution for various woodworking tasks.
  2. Efficient Brushless Motor: The cordless palm router features a powerful and efficient brushless motor, ensuring low noise, wear, and energy consumption. This motor enhances cutting speed, precision, and overall efficiency.
  3. 6 Speed Adjustment: With a variable speed control dial (10,000 – 30,000 RPM), the cordless compact wood trimmer allows users to adapt to different applications. The router can maintain a constant speed under load, providing flexibility for various woodworking needs.
  4. Unique Design: The ergonomic handle enhances user comfort, and the cordless design allows for free operation in confined spaces. The quick-release locking system facilitates easy depth adjustment and base removal.
  5. Easy to Use: The trim router features a separate safety lock button to prevent accidental activation. The aluminum body adds strength and durability, while the compact design ensures convenient handling. Bright LED lights illuminate the work surface for enhanced visibility during tasks.


  1. Comprehensive Kit: The tool is integrated with various accessories, making it suitable for various woodworking applications.
  2. Powerful and Efficient: The brushless motor ensures ample power for precise and efficient cutting, with the added benefit of low noise and low energy consumption.
  3. User-Friendly Design: From the ergonomic handle to the safety lock button and LED lights, the router is designed for ease of use and enhanced visibility.


  • Given the kit’s comprehensive nature, users might need a dedicated storage solution to organize all accessories.


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4. STEAJOK/JOAVANI Compact Wood Router Tool

The STEAJOK/JOAVANI Compact Wood Router Tool is a mini powerhouse designed for woodworking tasks. It is integrated with a compact design and a robust 6.5Amp 1.25HP motor. This handheld palm trim router is engineered for efficiency, providing constant power for smooth and clean cuts, even on the hardest of woods.

With a focus on precision and ease of use, this router offers variable speed control, a soft-starting motor, precise depth adjustment, and a durable construction.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Router Tool: Despite its size, JOAVANI’s mini wood router tool packs a punch with an improved 6.5Amp 1.25HP powerful motor, delivering consistent power for challenging woodwork tasks.
  2. Variable Speed Trim Router: The router’s variable speed feature offers versatility for various woodworking tasks, with six adjustable speed options ranging from 10,000 to 32,000 RPM. This allows precise control for different applications and intricate tasks.
  3. Soft Start & Precise Depth Control: The soft-starting motor enhances control, while the rack-and-pinion depth adjustment system ensures precision in-depth control. The cutting depth is marked in both inches and millimeters for accuracy.
  4. Durable & Easy to Use: Crafted with heavy-duty cast aluminum housing, the JOAVANI handheld palm router is durable and comfortable. The soft grip minimizes vibration, and a dust hood is included, allowing for connection to a vacuum for a clean work environment. The quick-release cam lock system facilitates easy depth adjustments and base removal.
  5. Comprehensive Kit: The package includes a 1.25 HP palm router tool with a 6.6Ft/2m cord, standard fixed metal base, edge guide, roller guide, dust hood, 3/8” and 1/4” collets, wrench, and a set of 12 different router bits neatly organized in a wooden box.


  1. Powerful Performance: The 6.5Amp 1.25HP motor ensures constant power output, making it suitable for demanding woodworking tasks.
  2. Versatile Speed Control: The variable speed options provide flexibility for different tasks, allowing users to achieve precise results.
  3. User-Friendly Design: From the soft-starting motor to the quick-release cam lock system, the router is designed for ease of use, comfort, and efficient depth adjustments.
  4. Durable Construction: The heavy-duty cast aluminum housing contributes to the router’s durability, ensuring it withstands rigorous use.


  • Some users might find the compact size limiting for larger projects, but it excels in precision tasks and smaller woodworking applications.


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5. DEWALT 20V Max XR Cordless Router (DCW600B)

The DEWALT 20V Max XR Cordless Router (DCW600B) combines the performance of a corded compact router with the convenience of a cordless design. This tool, sold as a bare unit, is equipped with features to enhance precision and ease of use for various woodworking applications.

Key Features:

  1. Dual LED Lights: The router features dual LED lights illuminating the work surface, providing excellent visibility and ensuring accurate routing even in low-light conditions.
  2. Depth Adjustment Ring: A depth adjustment ring allows fast and easy height adjustments, enhancing user control and precision during routine tasks.
  3. Electronic Brake: The brake slows the motor faster after the unit is shut off, promoting safety and efficiency in the workspace.
  4. Variable Speed Dial: The variable speed dial allows users to match the router’s speed to the specific application, providing optimal bit speed for different materials and tasks.
  5. Soft Start Motor: The router is equipped with a soft start motor with full-time electronic feedback, allowing the motor to maintain speed during cuts. This feature contributes to smoother and more controlled operation.


  1. Cordless Convenience: The 20V Max XR Cordless Router provides the freedom of cordless operation without compromising on power, making it a versatile tool for various woodworking tasks.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: The dual LED lights ensure a well-illuminated work surface, enabling users to work precisely and accurately.
  3. Quick and Easy Adjustments: The depth adjustment ring and variable speed dial allow quick and easy adjustments, providing flexibility and control based on the specific routing requirements.
  4. Safety Features: The electronic brake enhances safety by rapidly slowing down the motor after shutdown, while the soft start motor contributes to controlled and stable cuts.

Potential Drawbacks: As a tool-only option, users must have or purchase compatible 20V Max XR batteries and chargers separately.


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6. Milwaukee’s Cordless Compact Router,18.0 Voltage

Milwaukee’s Cordless Compact Router is designed for the M18 FUEL Series. With an 18.0 Voltage rating and a brushless motor, this bare tool provides exceptional performance for various woodworking applications.

The cordless design, coupled with a battery capacity of 5.0Ah, ensures mobility and efficiency on the job. Notably, it boasts a high no-load RPM of 31,000 and a max power of 900W, making it a reliable choice for fast and precise cuts.

Key Features:

  1. 0 Voltage Cordless Router: The router operates on an 18.0 Voltage platform, offering cordless convenience for woodworking tasks.
  2. Brushless Motor: Featuring a brushless motor, the router delivers efficient and reliable performance with reduced wear and longer tool life.
  3. M18 FUEL Series: Part of Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL Series, this router is designed for high performance and durability in demanding applications.
  4. Variable Speed Control: The router offers variable speed control with a no-load RPM ranging from 0 to 31,000, providing flexibility for different cutting requirements.
  5. Fast and Efficient: With a maximum power of 900W, this router is designed for fast and efficient cutting and can handle up to 250 feet per charge.
  6. Compact and Lightweight: The router’s compact dimensions (Overall Height: 6 7/8 in, Overall Width: 3 7/32 in, Overall Depth: 4 3/4 in) and lightweight design (2.9 lb) contribute to ease of handling and maneuverability.
  7. Push Button Switch: The push-button switch adds convenience to the operation of the router, allowing for easy and quick activation.


  1. Cordless Mobility: The 18.0 Voltage cordless design provides the freedom to work without being restricted by cords, enhancing mobility and flexibility.
  2. Powerful Performance: The brushless motor, high RPM, and 900W power ensure the router can handle various cutting tasks quickly and precisely.
  3. Long Battery Life: With a 5.0Ah battery capacity, the router offers a reliable runtime, allowing for extended usage without frequent recharging.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: The compact and lightweight router makes handling easy, especially in tight or overhead spaces.


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7. ONE+ 18V Cordless Compact Fixed Base Router 

The Pacroban ONE+ 18V Cordless Compact Fixed Base Router is a battery-powered tool for enhanced power and accuracy in various applications.

Operating between 20,000 and 30,000 RPM, this cordless router offers flexibility and ease of use.

With micro and macro depth adjustment features, users can easily change the depth of the cut for precise trimming. The tool’s compact design, ergonomic features, and compatibility with the RYOBI ONE+ System make it a versatile and user-friendly option for woodworking tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and Ergonomic Design: The router is 20% more compact and features a new ergonomic design, providing comfort and control during extended use.
  2. Micro and Macro Depth Adjustment: Users can easily change the depth of cut with both micro and macro depth adjustment features, ensuring precise trimming.
  3. Part of RYOBI ONE+ System: The router is part of the RYOBI ONE+ System, offering compatibility with over 280 cordless products on the same battery platform.
  4. Accessories: The Compact Router includes a collet wrench, vacuum dust chute, and an operator’s manual for convenience.
  5. Battery and Charger Sold Separately: Note that the battery and charger are sold separately, allowing users to use existing batteries if they are already part of the RYOBI ONE+ System.


  1. Versatile Operation: Operating between 20,000 and 30,000 RPM, the router is suitable for various applications, providing enhanced power and accuracy.
  2. Easy Depth Adjustment: The micro and macro depth adjustment features allow users to change the depth of cut with precision, ensuring accurate trimming.
  3. Compact and Ergonomic: The router’s 20% more compact design and ergonomic features contribute to user comfort and control during extended use.
  4. RYOBI ONE+ Compatibility: Being part of the RYOBI ONE+ System allows users to use the same battery platform for a wide range of cordless products.
  5. Accessories: The router has essential accessories, including a collet wrench, vacuum dust chute, and an operator’s manual for a ready-to-use experience.


  • Battery and charger are sold separately.


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8. Ryobi P601 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Fixed Base Trim Router

The Ryobi P601 One+ 18V Cordless Fixed Base Trim Router is a versatile power tool for specialty woodworking projects at home and on professional job sites.

With a powerful 29,000 RPM, LED lighting, GripZone over mold for precision handling, and a range of compatible Ryobi 18V lithium-ion batteries, this cordless router offers convenience and flexibility for various cutting tasks.

Key Features:

  1. LED Lighting: On-board LED lights provide illumination, ensuring clear visibility of your project in less-than-optimal lighting conditions.
  2. GripZone Overmold: The rubber coating on the tool’s handle, known as GripZone Overmold, ensures a firm grip and precise handling, even in slippery conditions.
  3. Depth Adjustment Knob: The on-board depth adjustment knob allows fine-tuning of cutting depth without the need for additional tools, providing ease of use and efficiency.
  4. Aluminum Base: The sturdy aluminum base ensures stability during operation, making it suitable for various tasks around the home or on the job site.
  5. ONE+ Compatible: The router is compatible with a variety of Ryobi 18V lithium-ion batteries, including models P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108, offering flexibility and compatibility with existing Ryobi tools.
  6. Powerful Performance: With a whopping 29,000 RPM, this cordless router is well-suited for specialty woodworking projects, delivering power and precision.
  7. Compact Design: The compact design of the router makes it easy to handle, especially for smaller projects where maneuverability is crucial.


  1. Enhanced Visibility: LED lighting ensures your work area is well-lit, allowing for accurate and precise cuts, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  2. Comfortable Handling: The GripZone Overmold provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing users to handle the tool precisely, even in slippery conditions.
  3. Tool-Free Depth Adjustment: The on-board depth adjustment knob simplifies the process of adjusting cutting depth, eliminating the need for additional tools.
  4. Sturdy and Stable: The aluminum base contributes to the router’s stability during operation, ensuring reliable performance for various tasks.
  5. Flexibility with Batteries: Compatibility with a range of Ryobi 18V lithium-ion batteries provides users with flexibility and the option to use existing batteries from the ONE+ system.


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9. Batoca VS601E 1-1/4 HP Max Torque Router 

The Batoca VS601E Router Tool is a robust and versatile tool designed for woodworking applications.

With a robust 1-1/4 HP motor, six variable speed controls, and a range of features for ease of use and durability, this palm router is well-equipped for various woodworking tasks.

The package includes essential accessories such as trim router bits, an edge guide, roller guide, dust hood, and collets, providing users with a comprehensive solution for their woodworking needs.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Motor: The router features a strong 1-1/4 HP motor, providing ample power for tough applications in woodworking.
  2. Variable Speed Controls: With six variable speed controls (10000-30000 RPM), users can optimize the bit speed for various woodworking applications, ensuring precision and efficiency.
  3. Easy Handling: The quick-release lock system facilitates depth adjustments and base assembly, contributing to easy handling and setup.
  4. Long-Term Durability: Double-insulated with heavy-duty aluminum motor housing, the router ensures durability, and top vents promote high-efficiency heat diffusion for prolonged machine life.
  5. Ergonomic Design: The router has a rubber-covered base for a comfortable grip, promoting anti-fatigue during long-term operation.
  6. Spindle Lock Design: The spindle lock button allows for convenient single-wrench bit changes, enhancing ease of use.
  7. Package Inclusions: The package includes a 1.25 HP compact router tool, 15pcs router bits, edge guide, roller guide, dust hood, collets, user manual, wrench, replacement carbon brushes, wood bar clamps, router plate, anti-slip router pad, and a Batoca tool bag.
  8. Quick Lock System: The quick lock system enables easy motor adjustment or movement for convenience.
  9. Durability: Heavy-duty aluminum is applied to the motor housing and base, ensuring overall durability in various woodworking tasks.


  1. Versatile Performance: The powerful motor and variable speed controls make this router suitable for various woodworking applications.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The quick-release lock system, ergonomic features, and spindle lock design enhance user convenience during operation and bit changes.
  3. Comprehensive Package: Including various accessories provides users with a complete solution for their woodworking needs.
  4. Durable Construction: Using heavy-duty aluminum in key components ensures the router’s longevity and ability to withstand demanding tasks.

What Could Be Improved:

  • Consideration for additional storage or organization features within the included tool bag could further enhance the overall user experience.


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10. ENERTWIST Compact Router Tool

The ENERTWIST Compact Router Tool is a powerful, versatile woodworking tool for precision cutting and trimming.

With a 7.0-Amp 1.25HP motor, variable speed control, soft start electronic control, and a range of features for ease of use and accuracy, this router kit provides woodworkers, hobbyists, and craftspeople with a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of woodworking projects.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful & Variable Speed: The 7.0-Amp 1.25HP motor offers six variable speed settings adjustable from 10,000 to 32,000 RPM, catering to various materials for routing and trimming.
  2. Soft Start Electronic Control: The soft-starting motor with full-time electronic feedback ensures a smooth start-up and maintains motor speed through the cut, resulting in a clean and treated surface.
  3. Accurate & Easy to Use: Rack-and-pinion depth control provides precision cutting in inch and mm measurements. The quick-release cam lock system facilitates easy depth adjustment and base removal/installation.
  4. Ergonomic & Heavy-duty: The router features a durable cast aluminum housing with a vibration-reducing soft-grip handle for increased comfort and durability. A dust hood is included for superior dust collection, enhancing job-site cleanliness.
  5. Comprehensive Kit: The package includes the 1.25 HP palm router tool with a 6.6Ft/2m cord, edge guide, roller guide, dust hood, 3/8” and 1/4” collet, wrench, and replacement carbon brushes, providing users with a complete set for various woodworking tasks.
  6. Variable Speed Range: The router offers a variable speed range of 10,000 to 32,000 RPM, allowing users to optimize the bit speed for different materials and applications.
  7. Electronic Constant Response: Ensures the motor maintains a constant speed through the cut, contributing to smooth and clean cuts.
  8. Overload Protection: Prevents the router from stalling or burning during operation, enhancing safety and durability.
  9. Clear Depth Scales: The depth scales are graduated in both inches and mm for easy-to-read measurements, enhancing accuracy in in-depth adjustments.
  10. Quick Release Cam Lock System: Enables easy depth adjustments and base removal/installation, streamlining the setup process.


  1. Versatile and Powerful: The router’s 1.25HP motor and variable speed controls make it suitable for various woodworking applications.
  2. Smooth Operation: The soft start electronic control and constant response feature ensure smooth and controlled operation, contributing to clean and treated surfaces.
  3. User-Friendly Design: Accurate depth control, ergonomic features, and a comprehensive kit make the router easy for beginners and experienced woodworkers.
  4. Durable Construction: The heavy-duty cast aluminum housing enhances durability, and overload protection adds an extra layer of safety during operation.

What Could Be Improved:

  • Including a storage solution within the kit, such as a case or bag, could enhance organization and portability for users on the go.


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Best Cordless Router Buying Guide 2024

Determining the best cordless router models in the market is one thing. But choosing the one that will satisfy your woodworking needs is another. Often, people fail to choose the right tool because they do not know what is needed to satisfy their needs.

In this guide, we have elaborated on the basic yet instrumental elements that you should consider before purchasing your woodworking tools.

What to Consider when choosing the best cordless router

Plunge depth

The efficiency and convenience realized during the router’s operation are determined by its plunge depth. Some routers allow the collects to be plunged through their bases. However, such a practice is ineffective for regaining the cut lost depth when the router is used in a table or with a guide bush and template. As much as this is an effective element of consideration when buying routers, most manufacturers do not give an insight into this vital consideration.

The plunge length effectively lets you know how far the router body travels up and down on the plunge legs. You cannot complain when the collect can be plunged to touch the benchtop. It would be a significant bonus if it could be plunged even deeper. However, if it is shorter than the benchtop, it can cause massive problems with some operations.


Being cordless equipment, these routers are powered by batteries, making them an important element of consideration. Battery power exhibited in terms of voltage is an element worth thinking. To put this in perspective, heavy and enormous applications demand a lofty battery power model.

This means high-voltage batteries guarantee a consistent tool runtime with minimal trips to the charger. Fortunately, most leading cordless router brands appreciate the essence of equipping their units with high-battery models, with most ranging between 18V and 20V.

That range is pretty assuring, and confirming that your brand of interest has its battery model within that range should give you the go-ahead. It is refreshing to know that some router brands are battery-flexible, with their tools compatible with other batteries. You do not necessarily require the tool’s specific battery to get it running.

The package of a brand should not escape your attention as some brands sell the tool, battery, and charger while others sell the three separately. However, if the latter is the situation, you can still purchase the three elements for maximum performance.

Depth adjustment

The depth adjustment feature is another requisite characteristic for adjudgment. Drilling depth on various projects varies, raising the need for adjustment. The adjustment feature may be integrated as a knob or a macro-adjustment button and a micro-adjustment screw. Some brands integrate a rack-and-pinion feature that allows intuitive and flush adjustments.

The significance of touting the depth adjustment option is that it enables you to make accurate drilling height adjustments without looking for extrinsic tools to help you adjust. This option also makes it easy and fast to make adjustments.

Working in close conjunction with this feature is the quick-release lever system. This system is present in most if not all, routers as a release lever clamp that provides swift removal and installation of the bit and base. Before purchasing either of the top cordless routers, it is important to consider the efficiency of the depth adjustment function and quick-lever release system.


At present, the most efficient cordless routers predominantly feature trim router designs, though the landscape may evolve with advancements in battery and motor technologies.

The highest observed speed currently stands at 31,000 RPM, and devices approaching the 30,000 RPM threshold should effortlessly handle most 1/4-inch shank router bits.

Smooth operation is imperative when considering the best cordless router models. Given the significant RPMs at which the router bit rotates, any semblance of wobbling exposes you to a flaw in the tool’s performance.

Additionally, assess how well the router aligns with your natural working pace; if it impedes efficiency compared to a corded counterpart, the appeal of going cordless diminishes.

Nevertheless, even models with lower speeds can fulfill tasks effectively. It’s essential to acknowledge that adjusting your working speed may be necessary to maintain optimal RPMs for the motor.

During your search, prioritize models equipped with a brushless motor. These motors enhance runtime by up to 50% compared to brushed counterparts and deliver more power, extending the tool’s overall lifespan. Choosing a brushless motor can determine between completing your project smoothly and enduring a lengthy wait for your battery to recharge.


Weight may not be a critical factor for cordless routers, but it does play a role since most tasks involve working directly on the routed material. Nevertheless, some people would favor lighter tools, and that’s completely acceptable.

However, before you decide on any purchase, consider the gripping surface, as the size of your hands significantly influences whether a slim or thicker barrel feels comfortable. While we generally lean towards smaller diameters, preferences vary, and you might find a larger diameter more suitable.

A substantial part of the gripping surface should feature a rubber over-mold, providing both grip and comfort. Evaluate how latches and dials impact your grip, considering the ease with which you can make adjustments


Cordless routers are an epoch-making lot in the woodwork industry. They have proved to be the recipe for perfection in this industry and fill a void that troubled DIYs and professionals in previous years.

In this article, we have assessed and evaluated the top-rating cordless routers in the market to positively influence you in choosing the best cordless router that will ultimately satisfy your needs. The insight into the top cordless routers will help you make an informed decision.

The Makita XTR01Z Brushless Cordless Compact Router rates the highest for me. Featuring a soft start, a 50% greater run time, and high accuracy due to the courtesy of the rack-and-pinion intricate depth adjustment setting, an aluminum base and cover to promote durability, and a fast-charging 18V li-ion battery, the unit is spectacular. This does not imply that the other listed units are any less good; they are all high-quality equipment, including all the primary features that will serve you excellently.

As you delve into this piece, we hope it will offer the guidance you wish to choose a tool that will satisfy your needs.

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