12 Best Cordless Grease Gun of 2024 [Tested & Reviewed]

A picture showing Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun, 6 Inch Rigid Extension, one of the best cordless grease gun

The best part of working with machines is the efficiency and the convenience they give you. Tools make work easier and should reduce your efforts when doing work. When the efficiency of the machines is compromised, the efforts applied to doing the job are increased, adversely influencing the outcomes.

Often, the efficiency of the machines is affected when energy is lost through friction between the moving and stationary parts of the machines.  You do not need to destroy or dump your tool in such an instance. Instead, you should apply a lubricant to reduce the frictional forces.

The lubrication of the machine parts makes them slippery and plays an essential role in bearing, machine function, and longevity by reducing wear and tear. The friction can be reduced by greasing the parts.

However, the market is characterized by numerous grease guns, and getting the best to suit your purpose can be challenging. We have done the leg work for you, tested, described, and listed the best cordless grease gun models suitable for different greasing applications. We have also provided a comprehensive and informative buyer’s guide to help you make the best purchase decision.

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Best Cordless Grease Gun at A Glance

  1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun
  2. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun
  3. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic, Air-Operated Grease Gun
  4. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun with 18″ Flex Hose
  5. Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  6. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  7. REXBETI Grease Gun, Pistol Grip Grease Gun Set with 18 Inch Flex Hose
  8. Lnchett Grease Gun, Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  9. STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun 6000 PSI
  10. Neiko 12000A 12V Cordless Grease Gun
  11. CARBYNE Heavy Duty Professional Quality Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  12. UTOOL Grease Gun

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What is a Grease Gun 

A grease gun is a standard workshop and garage tool used to lubricate machine parts. The grease gun applies the lubricant to particular points through an aperture to a grease fitting. The channels behind the grease fittings direct the grease to where the lubrication is required.

The lubrication helps reduce friction between the moving and steady parts of the machine, and this helps improve the engine’s efficiency. The lubrication also helps improve the lives of the tools, reducing wear and tear due to frictional forces in the process.

Why you need a grease gun

  • Minimized wastage. A grease gun gives you control of the amount of oil from the gun to the grease fittings. You also control when you should release the trigger and when you shouldn’t. In the process, you can control the grease usage, preventing wastage. You only release the trigger when and where the oil is needed and ensure that you release the required amounts.
  • It improves the longevity of your machine. The gun helps enhance the life of your machine. This ensures you do not consistently invest in another gun, saving you money and time.
  • Improved saturation. The gun constricts the oil or grease precisely where needed and gives you the best greasing output. The constriction or saturation ensures you aim to the point that requires greasing, also minimizing wastage.
  • Enhanced speed and accuracy. With the grease gun, you are assured of accuracy and application at the right speed. The grease guns come with different flexible inches of the hose. The hose sizes ensure that you target the right grease fittings, improving the accuracy. You can pull the trigger to ensure speed by varying the pressure, depending on how fast you intend to do the greasing.

Generally, a grease gun is an essential tool you should consider having within your garage or workshop and within your homes to work within your lawns. The tool ensures enhanced productivity and accuracy and minimizes wastage. It helps save costs, hence an economic tool.

Why you should choose Cordless grease guns 

Corded grease guns are hard to use, especially in hard-to-reach areas. The cordless type will help you reach various areas where the corded one may not reach, thus facilitating greasing. The cordless guns are portable and thus facilitate easy movement.

Also, since they are battery-powered, you can effectively recharge the batteries or change them if the batteries are compatible with those of the other models in your tool collection. Thus, the cordless tools give you the convenience and efficiency to execute various grease fitting projects.

Best Cordless Grease Gun Reviews 2024

  1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

The Dewalt 20V Max is one of the most powerful cordless grease guns available today. The unit has a longer run time as it is powered by a 20v lithium-ion battery that can last up to 16 standard-size cartridges, which is a long time for lubrication purposes in workshops and garages.An image showing DEWALT 20V MAX Grease Gun, Cordless, 42” Long Hose, 10,000 PS, one of the best cordless grease gun

Besides, the Dewalt 20V Max is powerful enough for commercial and residential usage. The tool delivers up to 10000psi of pressure, and its flow rate is 50z/minute, ensuring faster lubrication and guarantees that the lubricants reach the grease fittings.

Dewalt gives you the luxury of using different speeds on your projects. Sometimes, high speed may result in wastage of grease depending on the application area. The tool has a variable speed trigger, allowing you to operate it using multiple speeds.

You can be sure of getting a durable machine when you purchase this tool. Most of the best cordless grease guns get damaged by dirt that clogs the pumping mechanism. However, the Dewalt model is integrated with an anti-debris device that removes dirt from the pumping mechanism.

The tool allows you to grease every part of the machines, even the hard-to-see grease fittings in low light conditions. The tool gets fused with an LED light system to help illuminate the darker parts of the machine for enhanced visibility.

The model boasts an ample and flexible 42″ long hose that will also allow you to reach the hard-reach parts of the machine.

Moreover, you can be confident when you buy this model as it is covered with a 3-year warranty and a one-year free service. This shows that the issues of manufacturers’ defects are significantly reduced.


  • LED lights
  • Powerful motor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Anti-debris mechanism for protection
  • Variable speed


  • Minor complaints about grease quality


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  1. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun

Milwaukee 2646-20 is another model that allows you to perform slow and fast greasing. The model has a two-speed trigger to help you change the speed from low to high, depending on the nature of your greasing job.

Quick greasing may not be effective in hard-to-see places in a machine and may lead to wastage of the grease. In such situations, you can lower the greasing speed using the two-speed trigger for slow greasing.

Moreover, with Milwaukee 2646-20, you can dispense a pre-set amount of grease, minimizing wastage. The practice is essential, especially for the newbies who may not have mastered how to control the dispensation speed, though the professionals may also benefit from the same. A pre-set greaser counter helps you manage the amounts of grease from the grease gun.

Like Dewalt, the model has a higher run time of up to 10 standard-size cartridges at a time. This is ensured by its 18V lithium-ion battery, which gives it the power needed for extended use.

The inconveniences of work breakdowns when the grease runs out are minimized with this model. The tool comes with a plunger rod with markings to help indicate the grease level in the barrel, allowing for continued work.

The rate of grease dispensation is 10oz/minute flow rate, higher than most of the models in the market. The flow rate ensures you can easily lubricate the tighter areas that cannot easily be reached with a slower flow rate.

The worries about manufacturer defects are reduced by this machine as a 5-year warranty covers it, making you trust the brand.


  • Plunger rod markings to indicate the level of grease in the barrel
  • High flow rate
  • Pre-set greaser counter for controlled greasing
  • 5-year warranty
  • LED lights for increased visibility.
  • High Lubrication Pressure


  • Not appropriate for beginners


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  1. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic, Air-Operated Grease Gun

Lincoln allows you to control the grease flow from the gun with its variable speed trigger. The fully automatic model permits continuous operation and grease flow, an aspect that enhances the convenience of greasing.

The model can be effectively used in a workshop or garage since it is sturdy and robust and can be useful for professionals to put it to many uses. The garage and workshops also require durable models, and the strengths of this model offer just that.

The tool can deliver grease at a pressure of 6000psi, allowing easy cleaning of the hardened and contaminated grease. Its 30″ flexible hose also allows you to lubricate the parts of the machine that are less accessible.

A 14oz grease cartridge can quickly load the model, and this will help realize extended use. However, it is covered by a one-year warranty, which helps eliminate the issues with manufacturing defects.


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple design
  • High-pressure delivery
  • Variable speed


  • Not heavy duty


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  1. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun with 18″ Flex Hose

If you need a robust-duty tool with the power for extended use and unprecedented comfort, we recommend you choose the Lumax LX-1152 model. The model is fitted with a heavy-duty cast head with a pressure of 7000psi, excellent for professionals.

The machine also boasts a heavy 18-gauge steel barrel that ensures its durability. You will not need to worry about occasional breakdowns or maintenance practices that can result in a work stoppage. You are sure of reduced maintenance practices with this model, which reduces the maintenance cost.

The accidental discharge is minimized with this model, and this implies reduced wastage. The tool is equipped with a follower rod lock that prevents unauthorized discharge. The follower rod lock gives you the control of grease dispensation to the grease fittings.

Lumax is also fused with an air bleeder valve that eliminates the air pockets. The bleeders are durable and robust, which adds to the robustness of this model, which is a perfect choice for professional use.


  • Easy to use
  • Faster loading
  • Air bleeder valve for reduced air pockets
  • Reduced wastage through accidental discharge


  • The manual is not very elaborate


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  1.  Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Unlike the Lincoln 1162, the 1134 model is heavy-duty and versatile. The model is easy to use, making it ideal even for the non-professionals and the homeowners.

The tool is durable and robust due to the rugged cast pump that gives it enhanced strength.

Even though some people may not like the weight of this model as it is slightly heavy, the model is excellent as its follower spring helps you realize positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action.

The chances of lubricant bypass are effectively reduced. The tool is embedded with a dual-lip follower and hardened plunger that will minimize the bypass of the lubricants, limiting grease waste and, hence, economical. The features also ensure a cleaner work environment.

The high pressure delivered by this tool enables you to use it for high-tolerance applications. The machine is characterized by a variable stroke mechanism that permits high pressure for more robust applications.

The model allows you to reach or access almost any grease fitting for efficient lubrication. The gun has an 18-inch whip hose and a 6-inch rigid extension, allowing convenient access to every part of the grease fitting.


  • Fast priming
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Economical


  • Its manual is not elaborate.


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  1. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Grease Tek Gun is another model designed for convenient priming and loading. This model has an improved plunger design for easy priming.

You will enjoy an additional pistol grip handle, and a knurled barrel helps enhance the grip, improving the comfort and convenience of using the tool.

The tool has an 18-inch flexible hose that permits access to every part of the grease fitting, enabling you to grease every part of the machine that requires lubrication.

You can effectively position the gun in any area convenient to help aim at the grease fittings. The model is fitted with a bleeder valve and bulk filler valve, in addition to the positioning grease loader that will allow for multiple positions when in use.


  • Easy to use
  • Variable positions
  • 18-inch flexible hose for easy access to grease fittings
  • Improved plunger design for convenient priming


  • The nozzle can get stuck on the Zerk.


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  1. REXBETI Grease Gun, Pistol Grip Grease Gun Set with 18 Inch Flex Hose

Rexbeti grease gun is a durable tool that will serve you if it is sturdy and robust. The machine is constructed out of steel, a durable material to help enhance its strength.

The model has a working pressure of 6000psi that enhances the grease strokes the tool delivers before being primed again.

The model is embedded with a thickened rubbery sleeve around the knurled barrel, offering an added grip in slippery situations. The grip also helps optimal usage since it provides a suitable grip mechanism.

The pistol grip also helps create plenty of leverage needed for extended use with the machine. The grip helps improve the comfort of your hands when handling the tool.

The tool is easy to operate. The concerns of rust to the steel parts are also minimized by adding small amounts of lubricating oil to help prevent the grease gun from rusting, enhancing its longevity. It is thus reasonable to find oil in the grease gun.


  • Solid steel canister that makes it durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable due to an effective handle grip
  • Lubricating oil to prevent rusting


  • The bolts might be hard to move.


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  1. Lnchett Grease Gun, Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Lnchett boasts a solid construction with a heavy-duty steel barrel that ensures its durability and robust performance. The smart engineering design and the steel barrel construction ensure you can efficiently work with the model.

The inserted orange sleeve and the pistol grip with a knurled barrel also ensure the model’s comfortability. The grip handle establishes plenty of leverage for all-day comfort, allowing for extended use. The orange sleeve around the barrel offers an added grip in slippery situations.

The tool has two reinforced standard couplers and two metal extensions, allowing you to access almost any grease fitting for efficient lubrication.


  • Pistol grip for user comfortability
  • Heavy-duty steel barrel for durability.
  • Reinforced standard couplers for enhanced access to grease fitting


  • Zerk fittings are hard to remove


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  1. STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun 6000 PSI

A Steinbrucke Braxex Grease gun is one of the tools that, without a doubt, will give you the efficiency you need for the grease fitting.

There is no doubt about the durability of this tool as its canister is built with a cold-drawn steel tube that enhances its strength and robustness, hence durability.

The model is fitted with an O-ring sealed, high-pressure piston design that helps prevent the grease from leaking from the head of the pump when working under high pressure. This prevents wastage and, hence, economical.

This model’s design allows for the easy flow of the grease to the various parts of the machine. The grease flow from the gun only requires the compression of the handle. This enhances the ease of use of this model. Even non-professionals can conveniently use it.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced leakage, hence economical.


  • The fittings in the tube require an extra tool to tighten.


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10.Neiko 12000A 12V Cordless Grease Gun

The Neiko Model operates at a pressure of 6500PSI, faster than a hand-pump grease gun. The model is convenient as it is compatible with the zerk fittings.

Like most of the models I have reviewed, the durability of this model is also unquestionable. The model is made of rugged ABS and steel, making it sturdy and durable.

The air bubbles are reduced in this model by its vent valve. The reduction in the air bubbles is essential as it also facilitates the ease and smooth flow of the grease, improving the efficiency of this machine.

With Neiko, you can effectively reach tight places of grease fittings. The model is characterized by a flexible 30″ hose that ensures you can reach the close areas, promoting the convenience of executing your role.

The model enjoys a high reservoir capacity for holding the standard grease cartridges. The reservoir can hold up to 14.05 grease cartridges, easily swapped out, and can be filled by suction or pump. This guarantees extended tool use and can be effective for professional practice.


  • Lightweight
  • Extended use
  • Flexible 30″ hose for flexibility
  • Vent valve to reduce the air bubbles.


  • Inserting the zerk fittings may be a challenge


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  1. CARBYNE Heavy Duty Professional Quality Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The model boasts a robust and durable design that will provide extended use. A Carbyne heavy-duty gun is made from an anodized aluminum barrel that ensures high tolerance, making it more durable.

The model is equipped with a heavy-duty pistol grip with knurled handles that ensure a good grip when working with the grease gun. The pistol grip results in less pressure in your hands, enhancing the comfort of use.

Also, the 12-inch flexible hose in this model enables you to work on various machine parts, including the tight areas the gun cannot easily reach. It also allows for the flexibility that you need to lubricate multiple surfaces or areas, such as lawns, trucks, production lines, and machinery.

The air bubbles during the operation of this tool are also minimized by its air bleeder valve and the 6-inch rigid extension that reduces the air bubbles present in the grease surface. This facilitates the smooth flow of the grease to the areas of application.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy duty
  • Air bleeder valve for reduced air bubbles
  • Durable


  • Tight stock Coupler


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  1. UTOOL Grease Gun

The UTOOL model is a useful and robust tool used at home and for industrial applications.

The model operates at 7000PSI, sufficient for fast and extended usage. Its iron ensured the maximum working pressure die-cast head and enhanced sealing, ensuring that the machine has the strength to contain the high pressure, which is a powerful performance tool.

The machine boasts an automatic exhaust valve that simplifies bleeding air and allows easy maneuverability.

The tool boasts an ergonomic design with a pistol grip that allows you to operate with one hand, effectively increasing the ease of use. Moreover, the non-slip knurling enhances the friction for safety.

Also, the model’s anode is coated with silver, facilitating its cleaning, hence easy maintenance practice.


  • Enhanced grip
  • Durable, made of sturdy materials
  • High pressure
  • Easy maneuverability


  • Bad coupler


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Best Cordless Grease Gun Buyers’ Guide 2024

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Cordless Grease Gun

PSI Level 

The pressure produced by different models varies from one tool to the other. The higher the PSI value, the faster the machine dispenses grease and, thus, an essential consideration when making a purchase decision.

Most products we have reviewed have PSI ranges between 4500 to 12000PSI. When you are working on a construction site or a professional, you can go for a model with a higher PSI value from 6000PSI since such a model will provide you with a high-pressure output for extended use.

On the other hand, if you are working on fragile machinery or products, you should choose a model with a low PSI level below 6000. In such a case, you should also consider a lightweight or more basic model for light work.


The size of the grease gun you buy is also an essential determinant in making purchase decisions. If you’re a professional or have multiple workshops or garages, movements between these places will be involved.

We recommend the smaller model rather than a standard-size tool if you need to travel with your tool.

The only disadvantage with such a tool is that it can have fewer features and reduced pressure levels and may not be applied for extended usage. In such a case, it would be great for use on a small scale, within homes, and in your lawns.


One of the most compelling features you need to consider before investing in any brand is the warranty period. Undoubtedly, some products, whether new or used, sometimes come with manufacturing products that we may not identify at the time of purchase.

We recommend that you go for a model with at least a one-year warranty to cover the defects that you may experience during the period to be covered by the manufacturers. It also prevents organizations from selling counterfeit goods.

The duration of a warranty an organization gives always translates to the amount of trust an organization has in its products. The higher the warranty, the more durable and efficient the tool is worth your investment.

Handle grip

Comfort is an essential feature when you are deciding on the best cordless grease gun to buy. The comfort allows for extended use with the machine and improves the convenience and efficiency of your work output.

A handle grip is essential when buying the best cordless grease gun, ensuring the machine’s comfort.

Various models come with a comfortable, rubberized pistol grip, while some are suitable to operate single-handedly. The pistol grip handle and the knurled barrels improve the grip and the holding comfort when you use the machine.

You should also consider having a feel of the model you want to buy and evaluate if you will be comfortable working with the tool. Look for a well-built handle on a grease gun.


Choosing the best cordless grease gun can be daunting, especially when buying for the first time. The robust information in the internet sources even makes it more confusing, and your determination to get the best model for your project can be thwarted by such monotonous information online.

However, I have researched and listed the twelve best models and provided essential features to help you make the best purchase decision. Feel free to read through and get the best model to serve you right.

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