Best Cordless Floor Lamp of 2024 [ 8 Top Picks & Buyers’ Guide]

An image showing LED Table Lamp, 3-Levels Dimmable Touch Lamp, 16 Millions RGB Color Changing Desk Lamp for Home, one of the best cordless floor lamp

Cordless lamps are perfect for on-the-go lighting or if you have few electrical outlets in your home or house. Besides, the best cordless lamp units are ideal when you want to go camping. You only need to charge the units using a USB cable that comes as a package with the lamp for a full charge.

Moreover, since the lamps derive power from the batteries,  you can have more than one set of batteries when camping far from home or an electrical source. As a result, you can use these models both indoors and outdoors.

However, despite their convenience, you must make the right pick to help serve your lighting needs. After a series of tests and deliberations, we have assembled eight best cordless floor Lamp models crucial for indoor and outdoor lighting.

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8 Top Picks at a Glance 

  1. AUKEY Table lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Color Changing RGB
  2. Daylight24 402051 07 Natural Daylight Battery Operated Cordless Floor Lamp
  3. Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp, 29” height, 15” width, 9.5” length
  4. Cordless Table Lamp, LED Metal USB Rechargeable 2600mAh 2 levels Brightness Night Light.
  5. Amposei Cordless Table Lamp Dimmable & Rechargeable Waterproof Desk Light
  6. Battery Operated Mosaic Table Lamp With Built-in LED Bulb
  7. Ben Farmhouse Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Dark Bronze Brown Metal Beige
  8. DEEPLITE LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck 3-Level Brightness

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Best Cordless Floor Lamp Reviews for 2023

  1. AUKEY Table lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Color Changing RGB– Better Control

This brilliant upgraded lamp from AUKEY is one unit you can bet on, as it takes advantage of the newest features to give you the results you have been craving for. It has an improved modern design, contributing to smoother touch and control of this device.An image showing LED Table Lamp, 3-Levels Dimmable Touch Lamp, 16 Millions RGB Color Changing Desk Lamp for Home / Office, one of the best cordless floor lamp

This gadget spindles to an angle of 360 degrees touch control to fuel up its workability so that you enjoy switching the light modes conveniently, changing brightness or color, and power on and off quickly. That feature makes the lamp more receptive and excels better on metal surfaces.

Interestingly, it is light enough to move around in any room easily. The colorful display makes it more attractive to guests that may visit you. Again, it converts from red to green, blue, and pink. So you can pause on the color of your choice. For instance, you can customize a bold color for events or an excellent color to read.

This floor lamp offers flexible lighting options—Dab, the touch control base, to command the bright, warm, and moderate brightness levels. If you feel tired and bored, switch to the moderate setting, the best resting and relaxing option.

The appliances included in the package are; AC Adapter AUKEY LTT6 touch control lamp, and you also get a 24-month warranty card. Lastly, it is relatively easy to assemble, energy-efficient, and you can use it in any space such as a living room, bedroom, corridor, office, and anywhere sensible.


  • It produces a brighter light than equivalent lamps.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Adjustable lighting.
  • Improved options.
  • It has an impressive display.
  • This unit is a lightweight model with a modern design.


  • It is on the expensive side.


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 2.Daylight24 402051 07 Natural Daylight Battery Operated Cordless Floor Lamp-Economical 

 Are you running low on budget? Opt to work with this genuinely economical lamp that conveys similar results to items in its category. Even with its low price, this unit works with 4 D batteries, and the package includes a removable AC adapter that regulates the degree of brightness. Note that the batteries are not part of the package; you buy them aside.

Indeed the materials used to construct this lamp are of high quality. They rarely make you susceptible to injuries; instead, they guarantee longevity.

The light output’s integrity comes as this lamp’s next cardinal feature. It is designed to minimize harm in your eyes and also allows you to handle your objectives without straining. Moreover, you can program the lights to dim for uninterrupted reading.

The easily accessible control sensor allows you to execute smoother pursuits while utilizing this cordless floor lamp. That is made possible by a single touch of the button.

Unlike equivalent units, this one has a steel base pole to maintain stability. The metal bankers shade with great brass finishes makes this lamp a significant upswing to all spaces or rooms.

Above all, this lamp works with thirty effective LED bulbs, summing to 2.5 watts of energy efficiency facilitating light.


  • Brilliant lighting.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It has a rigid stand that ensures stability.
  • It includes a plug-in option.
  • Great value.
  • Good pricing.
  • This lamp utilizes 4 D batteries.
  • It has 30 LED bulbs to provide improved light output.


  • The batteries don’t offer similar light output to the plug.


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  1. Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp, 29” height, 15” width, 9.5” length

 If you have not included this gadget in your room, then there are many benefits you are missing. The center column is designed with a unique slate that makes it far apart from other lamps. This unit can go as high as 29 inches, 15 inches wide, and 10 inches long.

It accepts Alexa smart plugs, meaning you can use your voice to command the lamp to work as intended. But you must acquire the Alexa smart plugs separately to enjoy that convenience.

This elegant lamp with a white shade dissolves bright light to form a soft and fantastic alternative acceptable to your eyes. That means you won’t have to strain too much to see clearly. You can adjust the lights to your preferred settings, and it is conceivable to achieve this by choosing between high, medium, and low light to articulate your issues. The light is bright enough to work all day without consuming much energy.

This great lamp is fit to sit beside your couch, and it can also act as a bedroom nightstand. One impressive thing about this unit is the warranty from the company. After purchase, you get backed by a 24-month warranty to cater for any shortcomings.


  • This lamp is very sturdy.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • It is compatible with Alexa.
  • It has decent extents to fit your space.
  • The price is worth it.
  • It has several light modes.


  • The batteries need to be acquired separately.


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  1. Cordless Table Lamp, LED Metal USB Rechargeable 2600mAh 2 levels Brightness Night Light.

 Are you a devotee who needs to assist in the progress of your work? This unit is meant for you. You will note that it has all the equipment required for working surrounding. At first, this device extracts its power from powerful batteries in preference over electricity. And that is helpful because you won’t be exposed to a lot of tiredness brought about by carrying heavy electric cables.

With this lamp, the safety of your eyes is guaranteed. It has a unique lamb design with 360 degrees angle lighting area, so you have improved visual comfort.

Are you unsure about longevity? With this floor lamp, you get zero regrets. It is covered with rigid aluminum alloy and employs soft silicone to prevent scratches on its surface. The cleverly built design affirms a longer duration of use with low maintenance required.

Even better, you can use the lamp while the battery is charging. These strong batteries come pre-installed and can survive up to 10 hours working in low light mode, while on the other hand, they can run for 5 to 6 hours in a solid light setting. Therefore, you will not need to insert the power cord to use this lamb. That’s quite fascinating.


  • It is covered with robust aluminum alloy.
  • You can still use the lamp while charging.
  • Ideal for coffee shops, bedrooms, restaurants, etc.
  • With this product, there is no need to use a power cord.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • It has reliable features with great options.


  • It has a higher price tag.


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  1. Amposei Cordless Table Lamp Dimmable & Rechargeable Waterproof Desk Light

 Are you hunting for a universal cordless floor lamp? Why not bear emphasis on this device? I guess it encompasses all the meaningful accessories optimized indoors and outdoors.An image showing Amposei Cordless Table Lamp Dimmable & Rechargeable Waterproof Desk Light, one of the best cordless floor lamp

It is easy to move around with, and you can place it in any available space. The powerful rechargeable batteries reinforce this lamp with the desired strength to illuminate your room all day without consuming much energy.

The warm LED bulb seems to be the prominent feature of this lamp. It brightens up your room and creates a warm feeling. That means you will benefit a lot during cold seasons.

It also features a waterproof battery housing as well as the fabric. The entire segments are powder coated and UV stabilized to resist harsh demands. Best of all, running on battery saver mode will tolerate a maximum of 200 working hours. And the average battery recharge duration ranges between 3 to 8 hours.

This lamb can operate in various spaces such as offices, living rooms, and dining rooms, and it will also decorate your room with changeable display lights that you can set based on your liking.


  • This cordless floor lamp warms and illuminates your home.
  • It offers the best settings and the newest features.
  • It is light, meaning you can carry it for outdoor use.
  • Great customer service.
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • The illumination range is relatively lower than others.


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  1. Battery Operated Mosaic Table Lamp With Built-in LED Bulb

 This energy-efficient lighting option employs 2 AA batteries with the vital energy to deliver copious light intensity. Note that the batteries are bought separately. It is also designed to articulate several other projects.

You can maximize your lighting experience with the adaptable light modes by selecting from the 15 colors provided. Another advanced feature is the built-in LED bulb, so you can assume you will never need replacement.

The accessible on and off switch allows easy start-up for excellent illumination. And with only one tap, you get the whole area illuminated quickly.

All parts are formulated from the best materials to ensure that the service you receive is worth the price. And for that purpose, be sure to use this lamb for years.


  • It is made from solid materials.
  • It has a sturdy base.
  • The color of this lamp is unique and boasts a modern design.
  • All the essential accessories are included
  • It has an extended lifespan.
  • The LED bulb doesn’t need replacement.



  • Indeed it is an expensive lamp.


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  1. Ben Farmhouse Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Dark Bronze Brown Metal Beige

 Since this lamp is entirely constructed from durable metal, it is a premium quality cordless lamp that encourages longevity. It will cost you less to persist while in the line of duty.

It arrives as a complete kit with two metal lamps, each 25″ high, with a sturdy base measuring 5” wide. Both lights employ a 100-watt standard bulb, although they are not part of the purchase. The dark bronze finish base gives it that impressive look you desire.

You can set this lamp with three lighting modes based on your applications. A classic example is that you can switch to a less bright mode if you need to read. And when you want to party, the moderate mode serves best.

If related to its correlatives, this unit has improved lighting effects with an even distribution path. You can dim the lights when not in use to minimize power consumption and eye effects.


  • You can dim the lights for reading.
  • The kit includes two lamps.
  • Better lighting effects.
  • A sturdy base prevents falling.
  • Great value.
  • It is worth the price.


  • The lamp head is somehow tricky to adjust.


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  1. DEEPLITE LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck 3-Level Brightness

Unlike the increased number of lighting options on sale today, this unit is entirely cordless, minimizing fatigue while utilizing this lamp in designated areas. The lights are dimmable, which makes it ideal for reading as it is unlikely to cause harm to your eyes.

Don’t worry anymore for those with restricted space; this lamp is designed to overshadow your troubles. It is compact enough to suit any given area, and you can easily carry it around to any room.

This impressive device is fully adjustable and foldable. It can swing up to 360 degrees, making it capable of illuminating even the less accessible areas. You can also fold it to a smaller size to facilitate easy transportation.

It incorporates a universal USB cable for charging it with an adapter, desktop, laptop, and power bank, and mind you, and the light still functions while on charge. That saves you the time you would have wasted waiting for a full charge.


  • Great price.
  • Improved features.
  • Stable and durable base construction.
  • Excellent product.


  • The batteries are not part of the package.


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 Best Cordless Floor Lamp of 2023 Buying Guide 

 Cordless floor lamps have become the most used lighting option amongst many users today. This logic is because they not only illuminate a room, but you can also use them for outdoor lighting and offer a beautiful ambiance to your room.

These units have distinguished characteristics that make them a reliable option amid the many lighting methods on the market. Some even have changeable display lights that beautify your room whenever you want to party.

Unlike ceiling lights, these lights don’t need much preparation to set up. Check the guide below and get exposed to aspects you should emphasize before choosing what you feel is right for you.

What to Consider when choosing best cordless floor lamp 


Acquiring a cordless floor lamp bright enough to illuminate a more extensive space regarding lighting effects makes sense. The surest means to certify the ability of your light is by verifying the given watt. You must go for the lamp with a higher wattage to get your suitable lighting output and form your desired effects.


Safety is a fundamental element of consideration when purchasing a floor lamp. Some floor lamps, such as Halogens bulbs, are always too hot, and when they fall on your curtains, they can result in immense heat, causing electric damages that may be unpreventable.

However, such a risk can be prevented when using a contemporary floor lamp with a tripod stand and not utilizing Halogen bulbs. Also, you should consult with the sellers of these units as other in-built features in these elements may provide safety even if the tip is too hot.


Among the factors of consideration, size is another requisite to purchase an ideal cordless floor lamp.  The size of your room and your ceiling’s height will determine the size of your light. A tall lamp will require ceiling lighting, which can cause a massive disturbance to the ceiling of your room.

On the other hand, a short-sized floor lamp will not be ideal for a large room. In that case, you should consider buying an adjustable unit. You should get a sizeable floor lamp, depending on the size of your lamp. The lamp should, however, be adjustable.


 Despite your lamp’s outstanding performance, you must also fortify it by receiving the appropriate customer service. You can only make this happen by choosing the device with a more extended warranty period to cater to any inconvenience.


This is an aspect you can’t go without saying. A lamp with advanced features allows you to choose between various light modes, and you also get the freedom to customize your preferred display. Based on the job, you can set different colors to brighten up your room.


Its ease of access determines the best control mechanism for a floor lamp. Before deciding on the unit to purchase, consider the switch’s position and the other cords along the pole that helps turn on and off the lamp.  Most floor lamps, especially contemporary lamps, are touch-sensitive. You only need to touch it, and the light will go off or on. Besides, there are floor lamps that are wave-sensitive. The units will only require you to wave close to the lamp, and it will go on or off. Thus, you need to know your lamp’s opening and closing mechanism.


From this standpoint, the battery is the most cardinal feature to consider. A powerful battery with less charging time will supply your lamp with the necessary energy to facilitate decent lighting at home or anywhere else.


The configuration is an essential factor of consideration if you intend to determine whether your lamp is ideal for your living room.  The element helps you decide whether you will hang the unit on top or perfect for the task table.

The best cordless floor lamp suitable for the ceiling will be light and the torchiere style. For the working table or the countertops, consider a swing-arm lamp. The various configurations and styles will help you choose the best contemporary lamps you should purchase.


When choosing the best cordless lamp floor unit, you should consider a model that will complement your living room’s design, colors, wallpapers, and crafts. Most of these lamps come in diverse colors, and you must consider the light that will emit the same or favorable colors as your living room. The choice, however, will be determined by your taste and preferences.

A video showing how you can make a cordless floor lamp


Whether you intend to make your indoors or outdoors, look more attractive or want to harmonize other issues effectively, the cordless floor lamp will always be a great alternative.

These devices can illuminate larger areas with a flexible rotation angle of nearly 360 degrees. You can’t expect to get anything lesser than excellent lighting at your place.

We hope this article has expanded your thoughts, and now it will be easy to select the best cordless floor lamp that matches your needs.

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