10 Best Cordless Angle Grinders of 2024

An image showing Ryobi R18AG-0 Angle Grinder

Working on metal or metallic material is a very arduous operation. As much as physical forte is a crucial requisite when working on metal, it does not consummately guarantee that you will get the metal-related task done. The mere thought of cutting through metal with your hands or your favorite saw is incredible, right?

Considering how hard and adamantine metallic materials are, what if you discovered there is a panacea for making metal-related task execution a doddle? Best cordless angle grinders are your way out of that onerous metal-related task that has been a hassle.

A cordless angle grinder is a handholdable battery-powered tool employed in cutting, grinding and doing touch-ups on a metallic material. The comprehensive review below features the top-rating cordless angle grinders with an attached buyers’ guide to explicitly steer you into making an educated purchase decision.

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Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews 2024

  1. MILWAUKEE Electric Tool GIDDS2-2473523 M18 18V GRINDER

The MILWAUKEE Grinder is engineered with an exceptional power-state brushless motor that provides optimal performance even through the densest metallic material. You can feasibly use the unit on heavy-duty tasks without any strain.

You will handle this unit with a lot of ease, affirmed by a thinly build body to enhance your grip by enabling you to clench the tool around its entire circumference. To switch accessories such as the guard, this device allows you to implement the switch through a tool-less system that makes the switching pretty effective and fast.

Motor life is highly regarded, and to increase motor longevity, an overburden shielding system has been put in place to ensure motor permanence. It includes a dependable battery pack in the purchase package.


  • Has an exceptional Power state Brushless motor.
  • Has a thinly build body to aggrandize handling.
  • Implement accessory switch through a tool-less change system.
  • Adopts an overburden shielding system for motor life longevity.
  • The battery is included in the purchase package.


  • It is not inclusive of a grinding wheel.
  • It is relatively more massive, weighing about 14.87 pounds.


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2. RYOBI P423 Grinder and Metal Cutter

If you are looking for a tool with a marvellous disc changing and setting mechanism, look no further because the RYOBI P423 is the definite tool you are looking for. It is engineered with an onboard spanner latched on the unit when stored. This way, incidences of misplacing it are narrowed to null.

The fact that the spanner is fitted as an onboard tool makes it easily accessible during disc replacements. You are graced with a dial that lets you easily modify the angle or depth of cuts about the material. The clenching handle is rubberized, augmenting how you maneuver the tool even with slippery hands.

However, tight a working space would be, manoeuvring your way through is rest assured through the fitted side handle that is capable of moving in three different positions. This contrivance is congruous with 18V battery models like P100, P103, P102, P107, P108 and P105 of the RYOBI line.


  • Has an onboard latched spanner.
  • Has an integrated dial for modification of cuts.
  • Rubberized clenching handle for comfortable handling.
  • The side handle can adjust to three positions.
  • The tool is harmonious with some batteries of the RYOBI line.
  • The stalwart motor graces the tool with an extensive 10,400 RPM.


  • The battery is not included in the purchase package.


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3.RYOBI P421 4 ½ inch Angle Grinder

The RYOBI implementation is equally competitive and particularly distinguished in the context of flexible handling. The side’s capability accentuates this handle to move in not two but three distinct positions. It also has a 90-degree rotary grasp cemented by a trigger corroborating the distinguished handling.

Supplementing the handling feature is a rubberized indented grip within reach of the trigger to give you thorough control even when working with oily hands. The purchase package includes a very significant type 27 wheel used for grinding to help you kick off your home projects.

This unit is impressively appropriate with One+ Li-ion and NiCad batteries of the RYOBI brand, ushering in a cost-effective concept. The integrated pin wrench and the spanner attachment allow you to effortlessly change the installed disc in case where it gets worn or needs switching to another type of disc.


  • Has an onboard side handle movable in three positions.
  • Has a 90-degree rotary grasp.
  • Features a rubberized indented grip.
  • Has a type 27 wheel for grinding in the purchase package.
  • Compatible with some batteries of the RYOBI brand.
  • Has an integrated pin wrench and spanner for easy disc changing.
  • It is ready for usage once out of the delivery box.


  • It is sold separately with the battery and the charger.


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4.HITACHI G18DSLP4 4-1/2 Angle Grinder

It is important to note that the HITACHI brand changed its name to METABO HPT but retained the same top-notch power tools, including the angle grinder. The projects this unit is capable of executing are awe-inspiring. For instance, it can abrase concrete and grooved stone, among other hard materials.

You will be fascinated by the tool’s compatibility with all 18V slide-type Li-ion batteries of the HITACHI brand. How advantageous would it be for you to have another set of compatible, fully charged batteries on standby in case the ones in use die? If not enough, you will be granted a lifetime warranty upon purchase.

The handle is brilliantly covered with elastomer for an enhanced, comfortable grip. It is geared by a super potent motor, making the appliance a perfect fit for challenging projects. It has also adopted an exhilarative shutdown mechanism for motor protection in an overloading condition. The mechanism is an Overcurrent shielding circuit.


  • Able to execute awe-inspiring projects.
  • It is compatible with all 18V slide-type Li-ion batteries of the HITACHI brand.
  • Encompasses a lifetime worth warranty.
  • The handle is covered with elastomer.
  • Has adopted an outstanding Overcurrent shielding circuit.
  • Has a preventive null voltage safety reset system.


  • Currently not in market supply.
  • Does not include a battery in the purchase package.


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5.SKIL 20V 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

The SKIL cordless grinder is an embodiment of power. To begin with, it includes a staunch 2.0AH PWRCore 20 lithium battery pack and a 20V charger in its purchase package. So, there is no need to incur extra costs. Among other regular uses, this unit is capable of sharpening objects.

The power system has a creative temperature regulation framework that plays a pivotal role in keeping the battery cool throughout an operation. This, in return, reinforces the battery life and runtime by intensifying it. Besides, this tool boasts a fast battery recharge capability, which helps in saving time.

The side handle is designed magnificently, allowing you to adjust it in three different positions to approach a task with the most suitable angle. It is fitted with a lock-on button with two functions: a lock-on function for consistent tool usage and avoidance of unanticipated start-up.


  • Inclusive of a staunch battery pack and charger.
  • Able to sharpen and sand objects, among other of its myriad tasks.
  • Utilizes a creative temperature regulation framework.
  • Incredible battery life and runtime.
  • Has a fast battery recharge capability (takes only 5 minutes)
  • Has a side handle that is adjustable in three different positions.
  • Fitted with a lock-on button with two functions.
  • Has a tool-less accessory replacement.
  • Engineered with a phenomenal motor that grants it spins up to 8500rpm.
  • Features a soft start property for safety and is fitted with a storage haft.
  • The tool is covered with a warranty of 5 years.


  • The battery pack is slightly expensive.


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6.BOSCH GWS 18V-45 18V 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

The BOSCH angle grinder features a top-of-the-line motor evincing its supreme performance. The motor adopts the four-brush model that gears the unit with an RPM (Rotations Per Minute) of 10,000 without a load. How ideal is this? With such incredible disc spin, you are assured that cutting through dense metal will be a breeze.

The handling of this tool is admirable. This is because the handle fitted on its side for vibration control has double positioning. This handle enhances the tool’s maneuverability and makes task execution less fatiguing while still granting you control over the tool steering security.

The permanence of this unit is highly guaranteed through the cleverly incorporated Electronic Motor shielding system and BOSCH’S Electronic Cell Protection technology that jointly makes the tool two times more long-lasting. Weighing only 5 pounds, you don’t have to doubt its portability.


  • Has a top-of-the-line four-brush modelled motor, granting it motor permanence.
  • Able to spin to a range of 10,000 rpm.
  • Equipped with a side handle for vibration control.
  • The handle is flexible for movement to the left or right side.
  • Has a logical weight of 5 pounds, enhancing portability.
  • Backed up by a mighty Li-ion 18V battery power.
  • Utilizes a CoolPack technology that assists in keeping batteries cool.
  • Features a swift, tool-less switching mechanism.
  • Fitted with a wheel guard that is resilient to bursting.
  • Devised with a reboot shield that prevents unanticipated and dangerous start-up.
  • Delivers accurate and smooth cuts and grinding results.


  • The battery and charger are not included in the purchase package.


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  1. MILWAUKEE 2780-21 M18 FUEL

This 2780-21 grinder model of the MILWAUKEE line possesses hallmarks of spectacular upgrades. One of the enhancements is its unrivalled power. The power it provides in application matches that of a corded grinder. Backed up with such immense power, you are assured of executing any task presented.

The other upgrade is the metallic housing and gear component mechanism. This upgrade concept has been borrowed from top-ranking corded grinders and implemented as an upgraded style on this unit. The implemented REDLITHIUM technology on the XC 5.0 battery has remarkably boosted the runtime and battery life.

REDLINK PLUS Intelligence graces the tool with properties that make it second to none. Such properties include overburden protection, exemplary performance and electronic grasping. It is built with a thin body to fit in your hand perfectly. The accessory and guard replacement is intuitive and uses a tool-less methodology.


  • Possesses immense power matching that of corded grinders.
  • Has a metallic housing promoting durability.
  • Powerful XC 5.0 battery that grants the unit four times more run time.
  • Implements a REDLINK PLUS Intelligence that impacts tremendous benefits.
  • Built with a thin body for idyllic handling.
  • Has a tool-less accessory replacement and guard adjustment system.
  • Has a Powerstate Brushless motor.
  • The implementation is delivered in a portable case.


  • The grinding wheel is purchased on its own.


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8.METABO 18V 4-1/2inch Angle Grinder

You know of the automotive of German origin and the narrative of how eminent and acclaimed they are. This is verifiable through the contrivances they produce, and in this case, the tool of interest is the METABO cordless angle grinder.

This unit is constructed in Germany. That in itself is a selling point. The engineering of this tool encompasses automated, manual and hybrid programmes. It bears a circuit for shielding the unit against crashing. It is also fitted with an air filter and air cooler to achieve a cooling effect on the batteries for extended battery life.


  • It is constructed in Germany.
  • Its framework consists of automated, manual and hybrid programmes.
  • Bears a circuit meant for shielding the unit against crashing.
  • Fitted with an air filter/ air cooler to bring a cooling effect.
  • Has incredible runtime and is robust for heavy-duty operations.


  • Slightly heavier, weighing about 12.8 pounds.
  • Not in abundant supply in the market.


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9.MAKITA XAG12PT1 Angle Grinder Kit

The MAKITA XAG12PT1 is a mind-bending tool with double 18V LXT Li-ion batteries. You can guesstimate the power provided by two batteries. Such power makes the toughest sanding or grinding tasks a piece of cake.

This unit is characterized by an electric especial braking system and capable of halting the wheel in a matter of seconds (4.5 seconds or less), granting you ultimate control over the tool. The variable speed switch dial technology is present for speed adjustment.

Another singular feature is the electric torsion monitor, which shuts down the motor if the wheel stops. The motor has adopted the BL Brushless mechanism that aids in removing carbon brushes to achieve a cooling effect conducive to extended motor life.


  • Utilizes double 18V LXT Li-ion batteries for immense power.
  • Has a especial braking system that is effective in a matter of seconds.
  • Fitted with a variable speed switch dial technology.
  • Features an electric torsion monitor.
  • Its motor has adopted the BL Brushless mechanism.
  • Has a disc rotary speed of up to 7,800 RPM.
  • The tool, charger and battery are covered with a warranty of up to 3 years.


  • The back paddle trigger lock-on button is absent.

10 .MAKITA XAG04T Cut-Off/Angle Grinder Kit

With its unexampled variable speed switching technology, the MAKITA cordless grinder has created waves in the market sector. This feature is automated and therefore operates independently to regulate torsion and speed to match the application in execution.

In cases of immediate halting of the wheel, this tool has an Active Feedback-sensing Technology (aft) set to swing into action to shut down the motor immediately. The motor is another laudably built structure. It contains the BL Brushless property that plays a significant role in carbon brush obliteration for a cooling effect and extended motor life.

The motor is monitored electronically to hone the battery power usage, extending the runtime by about 50 percent on a single charge. The motor is ingeniously designed to utilize energy proportional to the application and adjusts energy usage as applications change.


  • Features unexampled variable speed switching technology.
  • Has also adopted a commendatory technology for motor shutdown in case of wheel stoppage.
  • Incredibly performing motor with BL Brushless property.
  • Grand motor that obliterates carbon brushes, achieving a cooling effect.
  • Compatible with other slide-style 18V Li-ion batteries of the MAKITA line.
  • Features a soft start-up property for safety.
  • Has a rubberized handle to boost tool handling.


  • The product is slightly expensive.


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Best Cordless Angle Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Angle grinders, also called disc grinders or side grinders, can be termed sui generis instruments among handheld power tools. With their splendid capability of operating on metal, they are the best suit for DIYers, plumbers, artisans, and electricians, among other related experts.

They are ideal tools for fabricating tasks about metallic material like grinding, sanding, polishing and cutting metal. However, in an application, these tools are prone to potential safety hazards like:

  • Bursting of the disc.
  • Kickback from binding on an object.
  • Accidental start-ups.
  • Bursting of the guard.

The few listed risks seldom occur, but that does not entirely rule out the chance of occurring. Acquainting yourself with such risks raises the need for an inquisition on factors to look for in a tool to make sure it is ideal for usage. Some of those factors are elucidated below.

Accessory changing methodology

Cordless angle grinders require accessories or attachments for effective and comprehensive performance. These accessories include a guard, a grinding wheel and a cut-off wheel.

The wheel or disc demands you to switch it depending on the application in progress. The guard is of dire essence as it plays a significant role in deflecting debris and sparks emitted when the tool is in operation. It also shields you from the risk of injury if the rapidly spinning wheel slips and goes flying.

It is, therefore, very critical to hold high consideration of the methods a tool has put in place to make accessories changes. Most dominant products improvise a tool-free methodology, which is highly remarkable. Others have spanners on board for a quick and effective accessory switch. A tool with either method should be considered.


You want a tool that has set well-defined programs to ensure optimum handling and safety of the tool and user. These programs or properties offer critical components for the scrutinization of your appliance of interest.

Examples of such components to tout for include a drop control property that will result in the immediate turning down of the tool if it falls off. This kickback control property lessens the danger that would be posed by the tool unexpectedly jamming on an object.

Another feature contributing to user-friendliness is the soft start property that enables the tool to smoothly start up and gradually gain speed to give room for preparation. Rubberized grips and thin bodies are other features that chip in on user-friendliness by augmenting the handling of the tool for amplified maneuverability.

Battery and motor

All featured implements are cordless, meaning they source their power from batteries. Considering how severe metal fabrication tasks are, the source of power for the tool executing those tasks should correspondingly be monumental.

For that reason, battery power expressed in terms of voltage should be thoroughly considered. Tools backed up with a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack with a voltage ranging between 18V and 20V are considered appropriate. You will find that some brands provide double Li-ion for tool usage. You ought to consider yourself lucky.

You should also check whether the battery cell and charger are included in the purchase package or sold separately. This prepares you financially for extra costs. You should research more in-depth to find out whether your tool of interest is compatible with batteries other than its own because that would be a huge advantage for you.

The motor is the other paramount inbuilt structure in all featured cordless grinders responsible for bringing about a spinning action of the wheel/disc, which is now implemented to execute metal cuts, sharpening, and grinding, among other tasks.

Therefore, the design of this motor structure is pertinent. The structure grants the wheel/disc the spin speed expressed in RPM (rotations per minute). Tools characterized by RPMs ranging between 7,000 and 11,000 rpm are considered reliable.

In conjunction with battery power, the motor is responsible for a tool’s runtime: the time a cordless appliance can run seamlessly per charge. High-ranking grinders have adopted technologies that have served as game-changers by intensively extending the runtime and motor life.

Such motor technologies include Powerstate Brushless motor technology, Bl Brushless technology and EC Brushless motor technology, among others. A tool with such and related motor technologies ought to be highly considered, as it means you will be graced with an incredible runtime to ensure you execute a considerable amount of work.


Cordless angle grinders have become the resort instrument in metal fabrication. They are handy tools for polishing, cutting, sanding and grinding metallic objects. Other units even raisedd the bar and demonstrated practicability on concrete and grooved stone.

The tools have an outstanding detail, such as the side handle that is incorporated in their bodies. In some brands, the side handle is adjustable in two different positions, while in others, it is adjustable in three different positions to increase manoeuvrability. The essence of the side handle is to accord you control over the tool.

You can employ this magnificent tool effectively on home improvement tasks like removing loose paint or grout, tile cutting and eliminating rust, among other home projects. We hope perusal of this article will help you make a guided purchase decision.

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